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Jan 30, 2012
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    1. Cheryl89
      Hey sweets! How ya doing?!?! Not seen you around 4 ages! x x
    2. Cheryl89
      Yep I can relate to that too hun! My springer is obviously very interested in cat and ends up getting smacked by any cat...but Poppy well she's a different story...at first she was terrified of Engel (puppy) but now she charges for her, wahhh!!! so separation atm is the only thing we can do. Just like your doggy, Engel never ever calms... it's constant peeing, pooing, running around, biting through cables, biting us, barking, up and down the stairs, up and off your lap...never ending lol!!! IMO ...Cats and dogs just don't get along, you get the odd few but it's rare! hahahah where abouts u from? UK? XXX
    3. Cheryl89
      Omg, ragdoll cats!!!!! how is the dog with them? Absolutely lovely! you're so lucky, I love cats - got lots of cat tattoos all up my right arm lol x
    4. Cheryl89
      God this sounds just like my nutty springer! She's very hard work but loving and loyal at best. She's quite obedient...the only thing she won't listen to is "On your bed" ... she hates her bed and would rather sleep with us, but it's a big no no whilst she still has puppy accidents every now and then hahaha! I suppose it's a spaniel thing all this madness, wahhhhhhhh lol xx
    5. Cheryl89
      I know sweet, I try to just rise above it - I just hated seeing the way she was talking to Zombiemom, it was so mental all she wanted was advice. grrrrrrrrrr, so what's your past-time hun? Cats or dogs...or little furr babies...or everything all together? I have a mental springer spaniel (sigh) and a 7 yr old cat! lol xx
    6. Cheryl89
      Hey darling, thanks very much :) I got banned to cool off as it was getting very heated, she decided to get really personal and low and say how "she could see I was off my meds again and needed help/intervention" :-\ so naturally I responded....very aggressively, but hey ho! Live and learn babes, how's life?? :) xx
    7. Cheryl89
      Hahaha bullies gave me a red (no surprise thou) lol x
    8. Cheryl89
      Heya, I have no idea how to give you a good rep :( I'm still trying to find my way, and thx hun - I can't stand bullies, really upsets me - ROAR! x
    9. CockerRags
      You back again? lol and quit your lies *yawns*
    10. we love bsh's
      we love bsh's
      No you started all this back up with a worthless neg rep be truthful,and I didn't give you a neg 1st all them months ago.

      If your not obsessed leave it there.
    11. CockerRags
      Don't flatter yourself lol. I have been ignoring you, you came to my page yesterday to post. Quite frankly you and your posts (with bad grammar) bore me.
    12. we love bsh's
      we love bsh's
      Lol get over it.

      Im with my family right now,baby is in my arms sleeping,aww how sweet.

      There is a couple of people on here with my kittens they know they can count on my knowledge and advise.

      Get over ur obsession of me its you keeps dragging things up cause of your grudge..Yawns!

      Ps regarding the neg you got was cause you think its ok to breed from unregistered cats.That is wrong end of.

      ..and im the child,hmm right ok.Anyway you ignore me ill ignore you.
    13. CockerRags
      And remember how this all started, you jumped on a post I made, assuming I was breeding when I dont, then when I replied to you that I don't and know the ins and outs of it all (regarding registered kittens) due to researching my breed for the past 5 years, you decided to neg rep me numerous times. All because you didn't take the time to read my post correctly. Then you name me in another post because I liked someone else's post who didn't agree with you, I thought they were talking sense but you take offence and take things personally. Btw, I'd be horrified if I had bought a kitten off you and then came across you on this site acting like a child. As I told you yesterday... go and spend some time with your family and cats instead of spouting shite here and get a life! :)
    14. CockerRags
      I neg repped you to repay the favour for all you've given me, as I told you in the message you deleted yesterday.. another reason for it... because you talk crap :)
    15. we love bsh's
      we love bsh's
      Nasty message?? I don't think so that's you attempting to get my back up making personal attacks on me,all cause of our views are different and I don't accept bybs.

      well whats the point in neg repping me if it doesn't do anything at all to my rep?? You must enjoy wasting time too lol.
    16. CockerRags
      If you want to leave a nasty message (you know who you are) at least have the guts not to delete the replies I send you, fool!
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