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Aug 18, 2020
Jan 9, 2011
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PetForums VIP, from Worcestershire

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Aug 18, 2020
    1. Spirited
      Thank you for being so kind
    2. buffie
      If you have my luck you'll be fine by Monday just in time to go to work :rolleyes:
    3. buffie
      Oh thats not so good :( Hope you are feeling better soon after all it is the w/end :yikes: Nice to have your own little nurse in a furcoat though ;)
    4. buffie
      Morning.It is still a bit rough and we did find a few staple points as well but they have been dealt with ;) As for the lord and master he hasnt looked at it this morning :rolleyes:.He was more interested in finding his "big foot" scratch post which had been moved
      They can be little sh*ts with their scare tactics :yikes:Meeko gave me a WTF moment lastnight,he had gone into one of the dens in the barrel unnoticed and as I put my hand in to feel round the rim for any missed rough bits he put a big furry paw on my hand :yikes: :yikes:
    5. Cloudygirl
      hehe I am getting a huge cat scratching post on payday. It's on offer until until the end of the month. It's got £30 off. It's absolutely massive. I already have a cat tree Olga and this is much bigger.

      The Diogenes xxl do look fab I think he will have a great time with that.
    6. buffie
      Never found another "mousey" but luckily he likes the "Willow Mice " from P@H so we have a collection of these in the cupboard ;)I have just ordere a Diogenes XXL scratching barrel from Zoo+ so hope that may help to take his mind of the wardrobes ;)
    7. buffie
      Meeko has discovered wardrobes (at high speed:scared:)He scares the **** out of me flying through the house up and down of the wardrobes or rolling around on the top :eek:he is going to fall off one day :rolleyes:As you can see the old Meeko is back :thumbup:
      I think the regular posters have given up :( there is just so much :arf: on the forum that there is just nothing to comment on,seems such a shame this used to be such a "lively" place ;)
    8. buffie
      Hi :D Meeko is doing okay thanks,he has good days and bad days but he is a lot brighter and nearly back to the cheeky boy I know and try very hard to love ;)
      Hope you and your furbabes are okay,the forum has become a bit flat recently,dont you think.I tend to read rather than post much now :)
    9. buffie
      Hi , Left you that message just to keep you updated.Hope all is well with you and your furbabes.
      Meeko is a lot better in himself,still being a bit sick but vet is happy to leave well alone as long as he doesnt lose weight ,becomes lethargic or stops eating,so fingers crossed he is going to be okay as he is.Still dont quite know what was/is wrong but vet is fairly certain it is IBD.
      You havnt missed much,PF is a bit boring at the moment ;)
    10. buffie
      Hi how are you .Havnt seen you around recently,hope you are okay.
      Thought I would give you an update.Meeko is off the meds and seems to be doing fairly well.He is back to his cheeky,nippy self and has only been sick once in the last 12 days.He is back on his ordinary food and it seems to be agreeing with him.He has put on .5 of a kg in 3 weeks so that must be good.
      Hope to hear from you soon.xx
    11. buffie
      He's a lot brighter,but still not back to his usual bouncy self.Unfortunately he has been sick again after stopping the antacids.Weight check this afternoon and he is stable, so that has to be a positive.
      Dont know what the next step will/should be.Reluctant to go down the biopsy route again so that just leaves diet change,but what and how.He is such a fussy sod.
    12. buffie
      I am convinced that "all animals" have the ability to spot a "soft touch" from a mile away.I spend a small fortune at the butchers/supermarket on my fox families :rolleyes:
    13. buffie
      Believe me,after what we went through with him as a kitten/young cat that is mild ;) :D
    14. buffie
      I was so pleased yesterday, as I was washing the dishes he jumped up,wrapped his front legs round my arm and bit me :crazy::lol::lol:.He doesnt bite hard and it is his idea of a game.He hasnt done it for a few weeks and i just thought ,thats my boy :thumbsup:
    15. buffie
      Evening :D Done it myself many times;) .Trying not to be too optimistic but he seems to be a lot brighter,still no where near the "whirlwind" that I'm used to but better than he was.He stopped taking the antacids on Monday and is now only taking 1x 5mg pred a day.So far there has been no sickness,his appetite is a bit up and down but he is eating ;)Got all the poop test results and there is nothing showing up,as I expected :rolleyes:
      Hows your furbabe? Hope you have had no further problems.
    16. Cloudygirl
      Other random questions it's prob stating the obvious but have his teeth been checked to check he doesn't have an ulcer or something. Also when did this start. Does he ever show any symptoms like he might have a pollen allergy. I have a boy who sneezes in the summer quite a lot and he licks his lips and also sticks his tongue out lots.
    17. buffie
      Hope your furbabe is okay,they really do like to add to the grey hairs :rolleyes: He is back on his normal food,sheba wet and hills tuna/purina sensitive dry :o.Poor quality but he eats it :rolleyes:Uncomfortable in as much as he sits hunched up,but can snap out of it just as quickly as he does it.He does a lot of "liplicking" which I believe can be sign of feeling nauseous,although vet didnt seem to think it was relevant.
    18. buffie
      Hi,Dont apologise for having a life ;).He's still not great,not interested in anything,not playing and looking uncomfortable.All tests have come back as either clear ,in the case of the poop tests/xrays/scans and bloods, or inconclusive in the biopsy so not really any further forward.He has started a course of steroids now so will just have to see how that goes.Gave up on the diet food,he would rather starve than eat it.
      All thats left to try is the Vet School in Edinburgh can do a "coned endoscopy /biopsy of his small intestines,(what ever that is)but even that will only confirm/or not, IBD .It wont cure him.We seem to have hit a brick wall.
      Thank you for asking though :D
    19. buffie
      Still a bit lethargic and flat,but I have decided rightly or wrongly,as nothing else is happening at the vets I have given him some of his usual food,and I think he is less depressed.I will get hell from my vet but there is only so long I can watch my boy being miserable.Still no lab results on the poo
    20. buffie
      Results of biopsy inconclusive as lab say mild inflamation but not sure whether inflam caused the vomitting or vice versa.Poo results not back yet so until they are vet doesnt want to start the steroids.May have a slightly better food in the Purina HA,at least he has eaten some of it.So we are no further forward really
      Hope you dont mind I copied and pasted this message
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    Adoring cat slave to two naughty ginger boys Jimby and Boo since Jan 2011.
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