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May 11, 2011
Mar 23, 2009
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PetForums Member, from Hertfordshire

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May 11, 2011
    1. Clodge
      Unfortunately back to normal - nutty, loves himself and thinks he's boss! He's having his stitches out tomorrow thank goodness - hopefully no more buster collar. How's Woody doing?
    2. WoodyGSP
      Hows Otto now?
    3. WoodyGSP
      Poor thing. I would imagine the nose area is quite painful though.
      As long as you're happy with the food and he enjoys it and does well on it, thats all that matters. Woody has Arden Grange dry food, but I think he would probably eat anything, its just that if he has treats or sneaks human food he seems to get the runs. I think at the moment its because he's getting too much food, I was trying to fatten him up, but he just poo's out the excess food instead.
    4. Clodge
      I know what you mean re the sensitive stomach as Otto's like that - it's rather embarrassing dropping him off at the hospital as we've gone from purchasing every dog food from the top end of the scale (and he doesn't like or eat) to tins of food from Aldi's that he gobbles down. You can see the surgeons taking the bag of food tins as if it's contaminated!! I must admit we don't use treats but the last couple of days we've been giving them as he looked very sorry for himself. We had to take him back to the hospital last night and he's still in as even with the pain killers and extra pain killer from our local vets he was still in pain and cried constantly yesterday so we asked to take him back so they could monitor him and administer pain relief intravenously. Obviously we're terrible owners and he has no allegiance to me or my sister as he literally ran off with the surgeon closely behind being dragged through the doors (with cheap, nasty food !!)
    5. WoodyGSP
      Glad everything went ok. Woody is fine apart from a dodgy tum -again. He seems to be a bit sensitive, I don't give him any treats, he just gets his normal food but you know what they're like for sneaking titbits:rolleyes:
    6. Clodge

      You have a good memory, thanks for asking! It went well thanks. My sister's off to pick him up and see the surgeon at 3pm so it will be good to have him back - had to spend an evening having a conversation with my sister last night so at least tonight I'll have the dog back for decent conversation!

      They found it was a cyst with a thin bone lining which is apparently common in other areas, just not in the sinus cavity so they've removed it and sent it off for analysis but he says it doesn't look cancerous so all's well. It did make me laugh as we rang up yesterday and asked how he was and the receptionist said they couldn't find him so they'd get the surgeon to ring us back. They did find him eventually asleep in his recovery cage so now will be the interesting time of Otto with a buster collar on as he hates them - lovely!

      How's Woody doing?

    7. WoodyGSP
      Hi ya,
      How did the op go? Hope all went ok.
    8. Clodge

      He's booked in for 03 Feb at 9.30am. I'll let you know how he goes (i've already forewarned work that they won't get alot out of me that day - not that they'll notice any difference!!)
    9. WoodyGSP
      Hope all goes well with the op. When is he booked in for? Or has he already had it? Let me know how he gets on.
    10. Clodge

      Otto is fine thanks although after lots of conversations we've decided to book him in for his operation. He can still be aggressive but the trainer said that it was medical not behavioural as she had monitored him pawing his head alot. We took him for an xray and they found a mass in his sinus cavity but they think it's fluid rather than tumour but it means them drilling into his skull - eugh!

      How's Woody doing, he looks great, I'm definitely pondering a GSP next!
    11. WoodyGSP
      How is Otto now?
    12. Clodge
      He's just coming up 18 months and is a little sod but lovely! We're about to have him booked in for a horrid operation which I'm not looking forward tolet alone him! When we went to Norfolk camping we saw a GSP and I must admit they look lovely. I would definitely get another GWP/GSP once we've sorted Otto out!
    13. IsisTheGSP
      aww thank you :) She is 12 weeks and certainly keeping me entertained haha! she is sitting on the back of my computer chair now 'helping' me lol how old is yours?
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    I have 1 German Wire Haired Pointer who's nutty, hard work but adorable!

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