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Aug 15, 2015
Dec 17, 2009
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Apr 6, 1974 (Age: 47)
Tearing my hair out

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PetForums VIP, 47, from Tearing my hair out

Looking forward to starting my new job on Monday morning :D Jun 19, 2015

Clare7435 was last seen:
Aug 15, 2015
    1. leashedForLife
      Pt-2, Aug-2016:
      OTOH, a very-pleased wife of a client referred me to a potential client, just today - HOPE springs eternal! :-)
      Wish me luck...
    2. leashedForLife
      Yoo-hoo!... Where are ya, honey?
      I'm officially homeless since Oct-2015, had my FT client's home as my sole domicile till mid-March 2016, & now bounce from 1 cheap BnB to the next. It's a tenuous life. ;--}
    3. leashedForLife
      Anyway, outside of the Twilight Zone of former clients claiming i'm their current aide,
      i have a plethora of apps out & am hoping =someone= reaches me for an interview. Like, SOON. [h&p]
    4. leashedForLife
      so... it wasn't my trainee shift shadowing her, it was just a total coincidence FOUR DAYS
      after i applied for a Lifeline tech-support job.
      Believe it or not! --- Strange, but true. =:--O
    5. leashedForLife
      Turns out a client from April-2012 had phoned for help with his Lifeline, & gave ME as the contact person / PCA.
      [This was the Client From H*** --- the worst person i've ever worked for in my life, in any job.]
    6. leashedForLife
      I text the woman, ask if she has the tenant's phone-code [to get the door buzzed open].
      She's totally confused, as she thinks I AM THE CAREGIVER for the client?!... ::lol::
    7. leashedForLife
      The Lifeline phone thing was beyond weird. U won't believe what happened.
      I got to the address, it's not a house - it's a massive apt-complex, with 4 or 5 huge bldgs. Plus it's hot as H*** & i can't get into the lobby, the airlock foyer is a furnace.
    8. leashedForLife
      I hear ya re clients who think they are the only draw on Ur svcs, or that U can do anything they need / want, ignoring job duty limits.
      It's a common problem. :-(
      My appeal re denial of Unemployment benefits will be heard - no date yet.
    9. leashedForLife
      i lost time-&-a-half pay when the clients cancelled July-4th, & then this wk they cancelled their CONTRACT with the agency.
      They hired an independent PCA to live there 7-nites a wk.
      Today i'm meeting a woman to try my hand at install / svc calls on Lifeline phone units; we'll see how that goes.
    10. leashedForLife
      Happy 4th of July!... LOL.
      I know, it's a bizarre American holiday & Brits don't celebrate it. Sadly, i'm 'celebrating' having it OFF, as the client's family chose to cancel today's shift. Wa-a-a-ah!... So in 2-weeks' time, i'll have 5/6 my $350 net pay.
      This sucks.
      1. petCman likes this.
    11. leashedForLife
      I was banned until June-23, & when i tried to log in that day, was AGAIN refused access -
      apparently PF-uk works on a different calendar than the rest of the world. ::Eye-roll::
      No time to log on till today, job-hunting like a maniac.
    12. leashedForLife
      Hope the new job is TERRIFIC. ::thumbs-up::

      My work-life sucks ATM - boss is mad that i put in for unemployment after Dec layoff [in March, with $10 in my checking-acct]. So now she gives me 3 days work / wk, not 5.
      $350 / wk net is poverty. I have to MOVE come Sept, & i won't have rent-money.
    13. Clare7435
      Looking forward to starting my new job on Monday morning :D
    14. leashedForLife
      Got off promptly @ noon, but due to a bobble in public transit,
      didn't get HOME till after 2-PM.
      [Jammed shuttle-buses running from Oak Grove inbound,
      they were doing constrXn at Assembly Square.]
      Need sleep - will go to bed @ 11 & set no alarm! :-)
      1. Clare7435 likes this.
    15. Clare7435
      OK Molly is officially a freak dog, not only does she remove cutlery from the dish washer, but I just found her chomping on a hammer
    16. Clare7435
      People are nasty....going to get a nice big bottle of wine...or 2...and get smashed :D
    17. leashedForLife
      Tues 5/5, #3:
      I take a decent multivit for Srs every day, but that's no substitute for SLEEP - esp uninterrupted REM.
    18. leashedForLife
      re immune suppression, i know -
      lack of sleep is a killer with this schedule. Even if all goes like clockwork, i travel at least 90-mins, work 11.5 or 12 hrs, return 90-mins or 2-hrs depending, sleep 10 or 10:30 to 4:30, up & depart by 5:30. Physically it's not taxing, but the job is huge stress - she's so fragile & can be very confused & perseverant.
    19. leashedForLife
      T 5/5 11-AM
      Spending a drizzly day @ home, nursing ME. Slept @ 1-AM, up @ 8:30; cough, sneezes, & whenever i'm vertical, hot water runs out my nose, dammit. No fever, but glands up, eyelids puffy. // This begins to sound like "The Perils of Pauline", every time I think i've "fixed" 1 thing, 5 go south. Will APPEAL the U-I ruling tomm.
    20. leashedForLife
      Depending upon whether or not i'm coherent tomorrow, i'll go APPEAL that dam*ed "judgement".
      If not tomm, then Wed - but i gotta do it, in person. // So tired, & very disheartened. If i weren't so bone-deep exhausted, i'd cry.
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    Apr 6, 1974 (Age: 47)
    Tearing my hair out
    I'm Clare, I have Fizz a staffxlab, penny a bichonx\king charles spaniel and Tex a big black shep, then there's tilly the boy cat with the girly name...Dolly the rather large Yellow continental Giant bunny....Hatty the tiny in comparison netherland dwarf bun ..2 piggies and various tropical fish who don't really do much but look good :) especially the cats...like cat fish. Oh yeh better mention the kids....should I have mentioned them first dya think? hehe. I'm 37 by the way....that's it I think...oh yeh and I'm rather crackers but that's being a pet owner for ya isn't it ;)
    Since I started this bio my 18 yr old Daughter has announced I'm going to become a Grandma....imagine...ME a grandma...I'm 37 bloody years old....thanks Tori you're a star.....but I'm not knitting ir wearing a blue rinse....I intend to be a young Grandma thank you :)

    Pets, craft especialy card and jewellery making and photgraphy


    Staffy x Lab almost 14...Fizz
    Bichon x king Charles spaniel 5yr Penny
    Bichon x Lhasa apso 18 mth Molly
    Ginger girly cat 7 Talouse
    Lets get this straight though...these are my children not my pets :)
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