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Aug 1, 2015
Jul 4, 2010
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Southend, Essex
Artist and community drama worker.

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PetForums VIP, from Southend, Essex

ClaireandDaisy was last seen:
Aug 1, 2015
    1. Goldstar
      Thank you for the rep :)
    2. lostbear
      Thank you for the rep, and the very kind comment.
    3. Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Owned By A Yellow Lab
      re headcollar thread - just want to say that your posts are a breath of fresh air! :)
    4. Paula07
      Hi, you have no idea how much your post about your GSP has just made my day! Nicky(7) has not long been diagnosed with Spondylosis and understandably i am gutted but the possibly of him still living a long happy life like your boy is like music to my ears! He is a very handsome old fella. :)
    5. Milliepoochie
      Thank You for the rep :-) x x
    6. TangoCharlie
      Just sent a request. :)
    7. TangoCharlie
      Ahhh, Am I friends with you on Facebook? If not I should be. :)
      Tony Cruse
    8. Hayley337
      Thank you for the reply on my thread, but why would i need to change my vet?
    9. JAChihuahua
      I'm so sorry to hear about your son, mental illness is such a horrible collection of diseases and people just dont understand it and treat those suffering with contempt.
    10. househens
      Thanx for the rep. I think I'd find a new vet.
    11. DogLover1981
      Your avatar is lovely. Gorgeous dog. :)
    12. swarthy
      Many thanks for the rep - it just had to be said :o - did they expect him to go round and help clean the pups every night :rolleyes:
    13. DoggieBag
      thanks for the rep. :)
    14. katmac
      We're on day 2 now of the "Right - that's it, we're getting this sorted" programme! I am continuing with the advice in the original post - i.e. taking shoes out, putting them back, getting the kids dressed but not going out etc. The way that I'm finding it works, especially with the kids, is to turn it into a game. I tell my boy that we're training Zara, and it's his job to play "tricks" on her - she thinks she's going for a walk, but not really. I can see small differences, nothing significant that anyone else would notice, but at least it's progress. I put her in the car everywhere we go and don't take her out. She now only displays the behaviour when we approach a known walking area. In between, there is silence so this is real progress. I feel kind of bad because she didn't get out for a walk yesterday. I'm trying to be firm and as long as she's displaying the behaviour, she only gets as far as her behaviour allows.
      Hopefully things will continue to progress. Thanks for your help.
    15. katmac
      Hi ClaireandDaisy.

      Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post. I really am at my wits end! Your advice is greatly appreciated. Zara does know the command "look at me" and does do it very well. I am going to try and do as you suggest. I use a halti with her so this won't be anything new to her. I've already had her out this morning (just the two of us!) so I'm going to go out into the garden with her and the kids now to see how we get on. She's not a very food orientated dog which does make things slightly more difficult (she's so anxious, she's not interested in food). What do you think of the Thundervest? Do you think it's worthwhile or should I just forget using it? I'll let you know how we get on!! Thanks.
    16. abbieandchi
      Just seen your artwork, holy crap!
    17. Goblin
      Also, thanks for the rep
    18. Rottiefan
      Thanks for the rep ages ago- only just noticed it :)
    19. noushka05
      thanks very much for the rep:) x
    20. ClaireandDaisy
      lol- you couldn`t miss Daisy and Shamus. I`m in Southcurch but usually walk at Gunners or Two Tree.
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    Southend, Essex
    Artist and community drama worker.
    Art, theatre, dogs, reading.


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