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claire & the gang
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Aug 19, 2012
Nov 18, 2010
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Newcastle upon tyne
Groomer, pet pregnancy ultrasounds & microchipping

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claire & the gang

PetForums Senior, from Newcastle upon tyne

claire & the gang was last seen:
Aug 19, 2012
    1. Belleblue
      Hi, I'm trying to trace people who have had experience with tapsanav puppies & saw you commented on this subject in a previous post. If you think you can help please message me back. Many thanks
    2. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Thank you for the rep, Hopefully it will ensure a safe delivery and a good early rearing.
    3. clairesdogs
      Don't tempt me anymore!! Although as your not too far away and we both love working cockers we'll need to get them together at some point!
    4. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      He'l have had some makeing up to do :lol: little tinker x
    5. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      How's that little escape artist of yours now :D x
    6. Teddy Red Lab
      Teddy Red Lab
      Gorgeous pups! :-)
    7. kathryn43
      they look cute pups good luck with then
    8. colliemerles
      good luck with the pups, and give your little lad a hug,i know how upset kids get, my little lads persian died last year at the vets, and it broke his little heart, i do hope that Merlin comes home soon,i have every thing crossed.xxxx
    9. colliemerles
      Hello, just looked at your albums, what gorgeous pets you have, and a very cute little lad !!!
    10. KayElleDee
      Ah bless! My brother has a cocker spaniel, i love them!
      When poppy lies on her back you can see puppies moving and kicking, first time i saw it i jumped it was scary lol. I think i can feel about 3 pups, she is a lot bigger than my pomeranian when she was pregnant and she had 2
    11. KayElleDee
      Hi Claire. if she took from the first day my mum saw them tied then she will be on day 59 now..i think. she isnt acting pregnant at all the past few days, if she didnt have a huge belly you wouldn't guess she was pregnant, but she looks like she is about to burst! lol. Ahhh good luck to your girl! what breed is she? do you know how many you're expecting?
    12. clairesdogs
      thanks Claire, your lot are gorgeous too!
    13. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Happy new Year :D x
    14. Pets2luv.webs.com
      really? i thought dallys were loopy dogs lol
    15. Pets2luv.webs.com
      LOL yeh they are fab little dogs . We gave then thier first trim to get them used to the shaver and they were really good and they look so pretty. I see you are getting some spots lol its a good job we dont live close by my eldest daughter has been obsessed with them since she was a toddler. How did all that come about?
    16. Coffee
      Lol, last time we went to visit I said to my husband "you distract them and I'll pop him in my bag" ;)
    17. Coffee
      A week on Thursday, the 29th :D So excited!
      Aww, those 3 weeks will fly by, I promise.... when we first contacted our breeder, the puppies weren't even born so we've had about 10 weeks to wait in total!
    18. Pets2luv.webs.com
      I know they are so sweet I didn't think I was going to feel for them like I do the cavs but they have got me hooked on them straight away. I can't wait till they are old enough to be cut and shaped then they will look like proper schnauzers. Princess has got a good beard on her already I call them my little bearded ladies ; ) Hope you have a good time in guernsey! ali x
    19. Pets2luv.webs.com
      hi feel free to visit my album i have updated it with pics of miley! enjoy ; )
    20. Pets2luv.webs.com
      Yay! my laptop is all sorted just not alllowed to download anything for 24 hours. We picked Miley up on saturday she is absolutely gorgeous! no accidents in the house but very bitey now the weather has cooled a bit! She had a thorough puppy check last night and passed with flying colours the vet really liked her! I have been amazed by both the mini schnauzer pups just so clever and easy to train princess has never been toilet in the house either not even during the night!!! I shall take some pictures and put them on in the next couple of days. Speak soon! ; )
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    Newcastle upon tyne
    Groomer, pet pregnancy ultrasounds & microchipping
    I am mum to an almost 5 yr old son who like me shares a passion for all things animal. Consequently it feels at times like living in a urban zoo.

    We have 3 working cockers, 3 cats, 2 red foot tortoises, 4 chinchillas & a 6ft tropical tank of fish.

    ermm what hobbies...taking care of this lot


    [SIGPIC]My Family[/SIGPIC]

    4 working cockers dexter 7, dizzy 3, murphy 2, charlie 1 and Eccles the dalmatian
    5 cats cleo, katie & mickey (all 11) Merlin & Starr MC`s kittens
    4 chinchillas (ranging from 19 to 4 yrs)
    2 red foot tortoises
    tropical fish in 6ft tank

    Sprocket the rocket....(hamster) RIP

    Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.
    Anatole France
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