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Jun 4, 2018
Sep 28, 2012
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PetForums VIP, from Warwickshire

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Jun 4, 2018
    1. Marycat
      Hi, I saw that you have had protectapuss fencing? Simon did my garden yesterday, isn't he lovely! I lost one of my cats I had for ten years in April to the road and so was desperate to save my other cat. I was and still am utterly heartbroken. The only problem I have now I have got is that I feel guilty now cause the cat is used to roaming but I was making myself literally sick with nerves when he went out! I feel really anxious he will escape and can't get back in? He is a homely cat and I have put lots of toys and stuff in the garden. Did you have similar concerns? Have your cats adjusted and have they ever managed to escape? Do you let yours out when you aren't there?How has the protect a puss stood up to the elements? Please help!! Feel so stressed. I would really appreciate some feedback. Thanks, Nicola (Marycat!)
    2. buffie
      Thank you for the rep:)
    3. we love bsh's
      we love bsh's
      aww ya welcome hehe
    4. MoggyBaby
      Thank you very much for the rep although I can take no credit, I simply passed on the wonderful info given to me by the lovely forum peeps. :) xx
    5. Afcb
      many thanks for your help, will certainly google it and will look into it
      have a great day
    6. Afcb
      I hope you don't mind writing to you. first of all, thanks for your comment on my post "what cat?". as you suggested, could you please let me know the company you used to cat proof your garden? i will do my homework in the next couple of months, in theory I would prefer to cat proof part of the garden as I know the cat would have loads of fun due to the nature of our garden.
      Many thanks
    7. colliemerles
      yes i have spoken to soupie and not to far from me either.
    8. colliemerles
      yes we do like the long hairs, i dont know anybody that has them to ask about there personalities etc, there are afew people on here with them.
    9. Fayne
      Hi! Thanks for the welcome! I'm not sure if I'll be able to go to the show. I might be out of a job soon, so I'm having to be careful with my money at the moment. :(
    10. Dante
      Hey! Yes, had noticed before you were another Warwickshire PF'er :) wondered whereabouts you took your walks with your lovely cats? Would love to take ours but not sure of anywhere quiet enough to start them off with!
    11. britshshort123
      Thanks :D And i will definitely be looking at Petplan! :)
    12. jill3
      Just had a look at your lovely Boys. I didn't know you had British. What colours are they. Harvey has lovely Blue eyes. Very unusual.
      I love British!!
    13. Alessa
      Harvey is soooo smart and cute!
    14. zippie161
      Aw you're welcome Harvey, hope you had a good day!
    15. Oscars mam
      Oscars mam
      Ah yes maria is brilliant! I love her harnesses :) hope Harvey's enjoying his day xx
    16. sarahecp
      You and the gorgeous Harvey are very welcome, hope he's had a lovely Birthday :) xx
    17. Durhamchance
      You're welcome! I was just being cheeky asking for pics xx
    18. Treaclesmum
      Thank you xxx I lost him in July :( Still miss him and wish he was here as the 4th member of my furry family, I am sure he sent Gracie straight to us though xxx
    19. colliemerles
      thank you, xx
    20. Cookieandme
      Thank you, I think so :)
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    Loving family of three adult children and 6 cats, Harvey and Reuben both Colourpoint BSHs. Then Monty, Bertie and Luna all Selkirks, Shorthaired, longhaired and variant. Teddy is our Maine Coon.

    Photography and holidays.
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