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Jun 4, 2018
Sep 28, 2012
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PetForums VIP, from Warwickshire

Citrineblue was last seen:
Jun 4, 2018
    1. anachronism
      Not a problem, you have been so helpful with both my kittens :)
    2. chillminx
      Many thanks for the rep, and your kind comment :)
    3. Space Chick
      Space Chick
      Thanks for the rep!
    4. kathb
      Hi Citrineblue
      Thanks for your message.As I've said in my post I will gladly put some ideas together if it would be any help.If its ok can I PM them to you so you can see if they would be helpful.I hope no-one else goes thru this,but sadly I'm sure Billy wont be the last.Its been a very difficult couple of mnths for all of us,but his brother Ben seems to have been affected most bless him.He's a bit hissy and aloof with Bill at the mo which is completely unlike him.They did have contact whilst Billy was on cage rest but I guess their ' mojo' has been upset and will take time to re-establish.
      Kath xx
    5. catcoonz
      Thank you for my rep xx
    6. anachronism
      no, thank you! :)
    7. CoCoTrio
      Thanx for the rep CB! :)
    8. peecee
      My pleasure - I really appreciated the info. The photo is my naughty BSH tabby. Your cats are just soo cute!!!
    9. Jonescat
      Many than ks for the rep :)
    10. ForeverHome
      Thank you for rep, it will certainly get interesting when more people post :)
    11. Jansheff
      Thanks for the rep!!
    12. meal2

      Just seen you have BSH and variant selkirks. So do I; lilac BSH and colour point variant Selkirk. Unfortunately I lost a Selkirk in 2008 to saddle thrombus - the imported Selkirk was a carrier and I later discovered the whole litter had succumbed and the breeder stopped breeding as they felt so bad, despite them being one of the first to introduce the breed to the uk.
      Best wishes.
    13. kathb
      Hi Citrineblue

      I just wanted to say thankyou so much for all the info you gave me on cage rest.It's been invaluable.

      Billy is adapting really well,much better than we thought considering he's usually such an active cat.
      I want to give you a green square but dont know how!!
      Kath xx
    14. Ceiling Kitty
      Ceiling Kitty
      Thanks for the green square. :)
    15. ForeverHome
      What? I just thought ... so I did ... :) x
    16. ForeverHome
      Thanks for rep x
    17. Forester
      Thanks for the rep. I just wanted someone else to benefit from my experience.
    18. catcoonz
      Thankyou for my rep, returning a green blob back.

      My posts may seem harsh but I have the reason that she can love her kitten, I see potential which is frustrating, I have offered to look after her kitten for a few days to see if she can love her. Maybe missing her will bring love, you never know stranger things have happened.
    19. vivien
      Thank you for the rep :thumbup::thumbup: xx
    20. Marycat
      Hi, I saw that you have had protectapuss fencing? Simon did my garden yesterday, isn't he lovely! I lost one of my cats I had for ten years in April to the road and so was desperate to save my other cat. I was and still am utterly heartbroken. The only problem I have now I have got is that I feel guilty now cause the cat is used to roaming but I was making myself literally sick with nerves when he went out! I feel really anxious he will escape and can't get back in? He is a homely cat and I have put lots of toys and stuff in the garden. Did you have similar concerns? Have your cats adjusted and have they ever managed to escape? Do you let yours out when you aren't there?How has the protect a puss stood up to the elements? Please help!! Feel so stressed. I would really appreciate some feedback. Thanks, Nicola (Marycat!)
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    Loving family of three adult children and 6 cats, Harvey and Reuben both Colourpoint BSHs. Then Monty, Bertie and Luna all Selkirks, Shorthaired, longhaired and variant. Teddy is our Maine Coon.

    Photography and holidays.
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