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Oct 14, 2021 at 9:59 PM
Feb 3, 2008
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PetForums VIP, from Cheshire

ChinaBlue was last seen:
Oct 14, 2021 at 9:59 PM
    1. sharonchilds
      Hiya, Hope you ok. x
    2. sharonchilds
      Cyprus, how lovely i hope you had a good rest.
      Joey seems to be a lot more settled now, extra attention and lots of fuss..That boy loves a cuddle :-) but he still chases poor Jt, the other day he cornered Tia in the bathroom, she was hissing but i think he wanted to play as he wasnt actually doing anything to her. He has made them all wary of him and they will go to any lengths to avoid him..Little sod but so adorable. Tony said i let him get away with murder..LOL
      Bing is doing great now, i think he has put on some weight too, so all good. I'll have a look on the website for the cards, i dont mind that they are the same :-)
    3. sharonchilds
      Hi Kaz, hows things with you?
      We are all doing great, the boys are fab.
      Is the rescue doing xmas cards this year? xx
    4. sharonchilds
      Hi Kaz
      Thanks for the chat today it really cheered me up.
      Its so nice of you to be there for me and the boys. They send you big furry hugs :-) xxx
    5. sharonchilds
      Hi Kaz, take a look at the pic in cat chat...Watch the birdie :-) x
    6. LittleOwl
      Hi ChinaBlue. We are potentially looking for a third rescue cat to join us. We have a female laperm and a male ragdoll, both neutered, and we also have dogs - cat friendly of course. Our cats are both indoor only, and so we would want an indoor one too. I don't believe I have enough posts to send a private message but I thought I would put this to you! Thank you for all the work you do for the cats.
    7. Staysee
      Thanks for the rep, anyone would do the same :)
    8. lorienas

      Out of interest I was wondering if you are still breeding Chartreux? Me and my partner are interested in them, and we're really struggling to find anyone at the moment. We're trying to make contact with some French breeders at the moment but the language barrier is making it difficult. If you could give us any pointers that would be fantastic.

      It would also be nice to speak to someone who has had a Chartreux to make sure we are 1000% making the right choices.

      Look forward to hearing from you.
    9. ChinaBlue
      We will gladly accept donations and we did have a paypal account for a while for the Christmas cards but it is not up and running again yet (plus the fees we have to pay for it!). If you wanted to make a donation - by cheque or electronic transfer means I can send you the bank account details? We have had a heavy year and spent a fair bit on neutering/vaccinations so any donations are most welcome. :) Are you on FB?
    10. DKDREAM
      Hi again

      I haven't been posting much as it got boring but i've started again. Everyone is great thanks did you find out if the rescue could accept donations, as yours is one id like to help in dreams memory, I know he was a Maine coon, but no other could really come close to how i felt for him, so id like to support a ragdoll group.
    11. DKDREAM
      Hi Karen

      i meant every word you are kind, I hope the babies get new homes soon, i cant see why they wont, I have always loved ragdolls but i will wait untill we loose a few more of the cats and then get a brother and sister pair i think as the bond dotty and dream had was so beautiful.
    12. Escape
      Yeah tried the one in crook as that's the same town I'm in ;-)
    13. meecatz
      Hi MB who is Razzle? Can you send me a link to her Pet Profile? Thanks!
    14. MoggyBaby
      Hi CB, thank you very much for the rep, that was very kind of you. :) I hope you are keeping well.

      Whilst I am here, how is Razzle doing? Pauline hasn't given us an update for quite some time and it would be lovely to hear how he is getting on. :)
    15. buffie
      Thank you for the rep :) Sometimes I think rescues can do more harm than good :(
    16. ChinaBlue
      Oh I didn't notice. They are with Helen and Allen's own rescue not the Ragdoll Rehome Group so we wouldn't be aware of their status. You could drop Helen an e-mail - I am sure she won't mind. They have their own website. Hope all is good with you.
    17. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      Have lexi and Misty been homed now i noticed they aren't on the site anymore
    18. spid
      thanks for the rep
    19. buffie
      Thanks for that.I dont do banking on line but could send a cheque(if I can find the book).Aurelia ,I think uses paypal maybe she could help,or just add 20p to each transaction to cover I'm sure no one would mind an extra 20p.I'm happy to wait I was just a bit worried that I had messed up sending the e-mail :rolleyes:Meeko is doing very well and apart from the odd over enthusiastic play bite (he still needs to be a bit mouthy) he is a very affectionate cat now.Loves being carried like a baby :thumbup: ,last year I would never have believed this possible.
    20. buffie
      Thanks for the rep xx.I still havnt heard back from Anne re the Christmas cards.Hope she got the email okay.
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