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Jun 12, 2012
May 21, 2012
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Jun 12, 2012
    1. lola belle
      lola belle
      Yes, done it again lol
      I agree, it'd be lovely to see their puppies. My long is the avatar pic, he's chomping his way through a chicken wing. He is a real sweetie pie and I adore him. Hope your two are enjoying the sunny weather, these lt love it..
    2. Chilover1
      Did I? On the PM or the forum? Am I doing it again? Sheesh you'd think having an online job would make me computer savvy apparently not lol! If I haven't posted to myself again and you can see this, then I did consider breeding them when Bella was old enough, but have a long way to go research wise, I'm a complete novice! Though I do have a mentor. It's nothing to do with money, I know there could be sections involved and 1 pup etc I just really wanted to see their puppy/ies! So over the next 18 months I'll make a decision. Loving the forums really helpful :)
    3. lola belle
      lola belle
      Hi, you have posted your reply to yourself....you'll get the hang of being on here soon enough. The smooth we have is a girl, we have a couple of longs too,,very addictive breed aren't they!!! Hope you are enjoying the forum....are you hoping to breed your two little beauties at some time??
    4. Chilover1
      Oh wow he/she is gorgeous, sooo cute! And same colour as Milo :)
    5. Chilover1
      Aw thank you! :) I'd love to see your Chi, I assume I just click on your profile? I'll go and have a look now.
    6. lola belle
      lola belle
      Hi, I will post a pic of one of my chi in my album.....(I hope)!! Your two are gorgeous.
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