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Mar 23, 2012
Aug 11, 2010
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Mar 23, 2012
    1. hobbs2004

      Did you hear any more from NI?
    2. hobbs2004
      Off to find that thread now :D
    3. hobbs2004
      You did? i cringed at the photos!
    4. Aurelia
      Awww :001_wub: That's really sweet to hear, thank you :)
    5. Tje
      he died. about 6-8 hours after i told her he was dying. she was strapped for cash for a vet visit. go figure.
    6. Taylorbaby
      i much prefer the birmans mitts to ragdolls though, not really a fan of mitted :P
    7. Taylorbaby
      haha what better then my 'there more pointy' explaination :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    8. Taylorbaby
      birmans all have white paws, have to be very symetrical, they also have a more pointy face, although thats just me describing it how i see it haha :D

      how come? :)
    9. hobbs2004
      Yup, am swell! that is a good 1000s post. Wonder what your 2000 one will be about? Chances are it will be about food or poop!
    10. hobbs2004
      lol, I hope it was about something important and not about poop heheheheheheh
    11. hobbs2004
      Congrats on becoming a VIP member!
    12. Taylorbaby
      Id have to use a cream stud then and then its 50/50 as id prob get blue/cream girls lol!
      i do like them though, was going to buy one last nov along with a black tippy.......couldnt afford it in the end when we lost all that money after the bengal kittens went, decided to just keep one british or ill have to buy a british stud as thats to much for my little place lol
    13. Taylorbaby
      due in 7weeks....... solid blues, solid lilacs, blue & white & lilac and white bi colours, if she has acolourpoint in her ped that i cant see also colourpoints, and maybe a surprise lol :)
    14. Taylorbaby
      awww...but my girls in kitten!!! :D :D
    15. Kiwi
      Thanks for the rep Chez - only just found it because of the post on reps today! :)
    16. Taylorbaby
      are tou looking for a british kitten??? :D
    17. Taylorbaby
      haha!! never! im a vampire I thought you knew this??? :D
    18. Aurelia
      No it's not true hun. I think it all depends on their predisposed temperament, and the breeder nurturing it :) My 4 babies this year are all cuddle bums, and none of them really grumble at being picked up. But that's because they have been used to it since day one. Tinks and Itty actually sit at our feet demanding to be picked up :lol: Tinks even taps you on the leg as if to say "excuse me I'm down here and would like to be picked up ... NOW!". :D They're also FOND of strangers! I answered that thread btw ;) xxxx
    19. Aurelia
      Awww :D Well hun being bias about BSH of course I'm so happy to hear this ;) Hey maybe if I am still breeding when you're ready to have another you could have one of mine :D xxx I can certainly promise you'd get a laid back love machine :lol:
    20. Aurelia
      You're more than welcome hun, I only spoke the truth anyway :001_wub: xx
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