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Mar 23, 2012
Aug 11, 2010
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Mar 23, 2012
    1. buffie
      Sorry missed your VM.:confused:I dont know where all the numpties are coming from but flippin 'eck there are a lot of them :eek:
    2. lymorelynn
      :lol: it happened last week :lol: I was bribed into doing it :D Not really I was just given gentle pushes :lol:
    3. Aurelia
      Well unless you have an ultra slim letter box they should go through ;) I haven't been doing these as signed parcels hun :p
    4. Aurelia
      :D Well They are set to go out on Monday, so you should have them by Tuesday with any luck :thumbup:
    5. buffie
      I aim to please :lol:.Got to keep the spirits up somehow :D This place can make you a bit :out::crazy::devil:at times :yesnod:
    6. AngieB
      Thank you Chez, soz took time responding only just noticed ur post on my wall bit x
    7. buffie
      Meeko just parks himself directly under the wall cupboard where his treats are and stares at me,If i dont give him what he wants he starts to knock things off the worktop until I give him some.I deny that he has me under his paw:lol:
    8. buffie
      Thank you:D I do sympathise though.My Tortie girl was, at her heaviest 9 kgs.She was a huge cat about cocker spaniel size.Still over weight though ,bit like her mum ;)
    9. hobbs2004
      Of course but still fun to look at pics of cats!
    10. hobbs2004
      show us a pic then! And don't forget I have two big cats here - both weighing in over or just at 6kg!
    11. hobbs2004
      At 8 months she was 3.8 kg and has put only a little weight on since then. She used to be really chunky - more width than length. Then from one day to the next she seemed to stretch and now looks more evenly proportioned. lol
    12. hobbs2004
      :scared: What a porker! He is still growing at 8 months so yes, I would say still feed on demand. Lila who is 9.5 months now has started to regulate her meal size. A little earlier than I would have liked but hey.
    13. hobbs2004
      Awww no worries hun! It is the thought that counts ;)
    14. hobbs2004
      Hahaha, I had a laugh too. Been calling myself hula hoobs..... Let's hope it doesn't stick lol
    15. Taylorbaby
      I agree I do think all of that, but then its the feeling that when you get up or go to bed...he wont be there his gone, no more :( I know Ill end up getting another cat, I dont cope very well like when my dog went, I rushed out that night in tears and bought taylor i needed something to love look after, just couldnt cope with it :(
    16. Taylorbaby
      thanks, I dont think you ever see it that way though do you :( dont want him to go anywhere tis my baby
    17. Taylorbaby
      Hiya yeh my old boy, mum was a siamese, dad was the local whatever, wAS ONly a young kid when I got him, he was 5weeks old, the vets reckon that that is a big reason to why he has so many allergies :( He thinks Im his mum we have such a big bond :)
    18. Gem16
      Sorry i just realised i hadn't replied to your message :o
      The new thread is annoying me just as much :mad: xx
    19. Aurelia
      :D Glad she approves! It's Itty on the card :001_wub: thought you might like it ... it may help you convince a certain someone when it comes to wanting another kitty ... a BSH one of course :lol: Can't wait to see pics xxx
    20. Aurelia
      So did they have a test drive yet? :D
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