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Mar 23, 2012
Aug 11, 2010
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Mar 23, 2012
    1. Paddypaws
      Oh Chez! Lets hope OH doesn't tread in the pool of vomit all those treats is certain to produce....
    2. Paddypaws
      You are very welcome, just glad they went to a good home rather than sitting in my cupboard rejected by all! I was so pleased when Milo initially ate them as I reckon they must be great to keep the teeth clean, but he ha discovered kibble and there is no going back....
    3. Paddypaws
      Yes those are the ones....he did used to eat them but the last one I tried on him wound up festering under a rug till cleaning day. Yuk!
      No need to pay....just stick a quid in an animal charity box next time you see one!
    4. Paddypaws
      chez....are the dorkas treats the fish wrapped in bacon type? if so i have some here that you are welcome to as even milo is not keen. they are out of the packet as i have them stored in a jar to keep fresh but i only bought them recently. if you want them just pm your address and i will post
    5. buffie
      Oh well at least you didnt see me as a lorry driver with a beer gut.
    6. buffie
      Oh do tell. Was I blonde and gorgeous:D
    7. buffie
      Yep I just read her response what a load of recycled grass.
    8. buffie
      It would appear so.(what are we talking about)
    9. dougal22
      No problem Chez :) I'm sure you were just passing on info from Raggs, but in this instance that knot sounds massive :(
    10. peecee
      She/he certainly looks BSHish. I have a female blue! I got her an a 2 yo adult but she's great and certainly loves her food.
    11. peecee
      Thanks for your "like" today. Its not often i can say something that I have personal experience of ! Is your cat a BSH? I have one as well.
    12. hobbs2004
      Yeah! Let me know how it goes with your extra-fussy ones! Hope they like it! Must be the time to buy cat food. I ordered a bumper pack from Germany yesterday! And with 4 cats I can safely say that we spend more on their food than on our own. Being a vegetarian with an allotment doesn't cost a lot of money!!!!!!!!!!!
    13. BSH
      Hope you have received your Purr & Simple cat litter? Mine arrived this week.
    14. Aurelia
      :scared: Yeah that sounds like so much fun :D Good luck with that! No seriously, good luck :) xxx
    15. Aurelia
      Hehe! It's still nice and stinky then? :lol: Glad to hear they are still loving them! What are you studying atm?
    16. Aurelia
      Hiya :D Nice to see you about. How are the kitties ... and are they still enjoying their goodies? :001_wub:
    17. Aurelia
      :lol: You'll just have to get it out when he's not home (:eek: That sounds naughty :lol:) :D
    18. Aurelia
      :lol: Bless her! hehehe :D
    19. buffie
      Hope you tested out the numb face properly with a good slap :lol::lol:Saves you doing it later when he has done something to deserve it ;).
    20. buffie
      For me to beat anyone at typing they must be slooooooooooooooooow :lol::lol:
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