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Mar 23, 2012
Aug 11, 2010
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Mar 23, 2012
    1. missye87
      Thought maybe I should stop hijacking peoples threads! :) How come Loki doesn't really like his food? How old is he? Is he a good weight anyway? :) xxx
    2. missye87
      Thank you :) It was such a shock, I love the old boy to bits and would do anything for him. He was so sweet natured and kind, he turned my OH from a dog-person to a cat-person, and even helped some of my friends with their cat phobias. He was such a huge character and the flat is so empty now which makes missing him worse. I can't wash his favorite blanket and I'll be putting it all away. As much as I will love Benji when he comes, I don't think I can share Sooty's bowl, bed and blanket. Thank you for your thoughts though, it helps to know that there are such kind people out there :) xx
    3. hobbs2004
      I know! Lol, I am reading and attending to some food issues!
    4. Aurelia
      Sorry hun :o I spelt it wrong, I went and edited it :lol: It was meant to say RAOK = Random acts of kindness :o
    5. Gem16
      Noo i must have missed those! what a shame :rolleyes:: hate people like that!
    6. Gem16
      lol least someone done it right! it's cause i was all wound up and thought oh this will teach him :p
    7. merothe
      yeah its not cheap! But the photos are great and they are ones I would keep forever. Esp the pictures of people come out so nice. I dont regret having to scrimp and save for a while!
    8. merothe
      Hey, yeah thats the model I got. I think it's great! I am still learning but I think that's part of the fun :) it is pricey but then i think you get what you pay for...I would recommend some software for editing...not necessarily anything expensive - I got aperture for my mac (vastly cheaper if bought from app store rather than buying the cd). It means that even if you don't get the perfect shot you can make it better afterwards :p
    9. hobbs2004
      No honestly, you don't need to pay for them and yes i believe the small and big are the same - apart from amount of content :-)
    10. hobbs2004
      Well, I can help you with the language bit, don't fear. I have got some small tins of Macs here if you would like to try a couple? If you pm me your address I can pop them in the post middle of next week.
    11. hobbs2004
      Hello and pick away! Does it need to be from zooplus? Have you tried lily's kitchen? Quite expensive but worth a look if you are thinking of perhaps only feeding it once in a while. Same as Terra Felis on zooplus - expensive for what it is. Have you considered Pet-Fit? Again, expensive for what it is (mostly offal) but more affordable than lily's kitchen and terra felis. Then there are the ones that you can only get in Germany, which is a kerfuffle but may be well worth doing.
      A flea??? Might just have been the one and it might have been fleeing him...
    12. dougal22
      Hiya, I tried a couple of Schumsy pouches, they went down really well with two out of three cats, so I ordered loads of pouches - one box of every flavour. So far, so good. I also ordered 6 tins of the lamb Schumsy. They prefer the pouches, but also ate the tins. If you want, send me your address via PM and I'll send you a couple of pouches to try? Just let me know what flavours Loki and Annie prefer. I wouldn't have thought of feeding Schumsy, but I know Hobbs has used it so that was a good benchmark :) x
    13. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      No :rolleyes: although Tango has started ignoring him now :D but have'nt put the collar on yet still hopeing the 2 pills a day will kick in but :rolleyes: at least the collar will give him something to be realy grumpy about :eek: :lol:
    14. hobbs2004
      Hello there! You don't need to add taurine to the NI minces. I have double-checked that they were not a typo, which means that the food actually appears to contain double the amount of taurine compared to a mouse.
    15. hobbs2004
      Ha, Lila also stopped putting on weight when she turned 10 months - perhaps even a little bit sooner. She is stuck at 4.15kg no matter how much food Tim and I are trying to ram down her throat. The exercise he is getting will help no doubt! Lila has got the Hicat pole to keep her fit.

      Isn't it just so annoying when likes disappear just because the thread disappears.
    16. hobbs2004
      Yeah sounds good!

      Why are all the fun threads deleted?
    17. Paddypaws
      Great! I hope yours was packed better than mine.....the trays were loose inside the poly box and most of them were smashed....so Zooplus are not the only ones!
    18. Paddypaws
      some time between 1 and 5!
    19. Paddypaws
      Thank chez, have emailed them again!
      Part of me wonders whay I am bothering though as even the kittens have gone off the raw in favour of the dreaded kibble.
    20. hobbs2004
      It is gone! How peculiar. I know it was wacky but am not sure it was a troll etc. So why delete it. Did it get out of hand?
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