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Mar 23, 2012
Aug 11, 2010
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Mar 23, 2012
    1. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Happy new Year :D x
    2. Aurelia
      Yes! They are flipping adorable :D Hope to see lots more pictures hun, especially when they start binkying around and having fun :p
    3. Aurelia
      :lol: Bless ya! Good idea as well, cause hopefully Annie's scent transferred to the buns as well :D Now I'm off to see I can find pictorial evidence of your new long eared additions :D :001_wub: xxx
    4. Aurelia
      Awww she still loves her pillow? :001_wub:
    5. hobbs2004
      Personally, I think you can get better things :-)
    6. hobbs2004
      They give you their bank details (sort-code and account number) and you need to transfer money. Now within the UK that doesn't cost a thing but internationally it still does - not sure why. Best check with your bank how much they charge for a transfer (mine charges about £9). Too much kerfuffle for me; so I go for either fuetternmitspass (15 euro and they do deals on macs stuff) or floyds (10.5 euro). I find both are good and offer a good range of foods.
    7. Aurelia
      Chez that's brilliant! Well done hun :D xxx We are all fine here, enjoying our new family member :001_wub: How's your little family?
    8. Aurelia
      Cheeeeeeeeez :001_wub: Missed seeing you around! How did the studying and what not go?
    9. Aurelia
      Where's my little friend gone? :( Miss seeing you around :cryin:
    10. Taylorbaby
      lol people can do what they want, in the bigger scheme of the world not alot matters! But the term is calls, you wouldnt say that a dog called you say season :)
    11. Taylorbaby
      because dogs have 'seasons' and 'heats' and cats have 'calls'! :p
    12. hobbs2004
      Right, the mac tins and pouch as well as the Acana fish are on the way to you! Let me know how the Mac goes down. How has the Schmusy been received?
    13. dougal22
      Jolly good :) Fingers crossed they like them. x
    14. hobbs2004
      Yes, I love that girl. I am glad she decided to come and play on this forum too :)
    15. missye87
      Well my OH leaves at 8.30, so he will be fed right before then, and he can come home during lunch to feed him, and then obviously we are at home all evenings and weekends with him. So I guess it's just in case he becomes peckish inbetween! :) We were used to feeding Sooty small meals very often, he has always free-fed but since he moved here I've tried to keep him on as little dry and as much wet as possible.
      Definitely won't do the water on it though, we do have a water fountain (although I'm hoping he isn't completely in love with water like many MC's and decides to bath in it!) xx
    16. hobbs2004
      Ha, let's hope you are on to something more permanent lol

      I am still waiting in for a parcel to be delivered - might have to wait to post your stuff out until tomorrow morning. Is that ok?
    17. missye87
      Oh you are lucky then. Wish I could work from home at least, it would mean I'd be able to spend all my time at home with Benji :)
      I won't do that in that case, didn't realise! :) I've seen so many other people talking about it, thats why I thought it would be a good idea. x
    18. hobbs2004
      Hahaha whatever floats their boat, eh?!
    19. missye87
      I prefer a wet diet too :) it's difficult if you work though cos the problem with wet food left out is it goes all icky and then they don't touch it anyway :p
      I'm planning to use mostly wet with dry during the day, I'm going to try and put water on it though :)
      They can simply be so difficult sometimes though, it's frustrating! Sooty would one day gobble down beef on occasion, so you would buy a little more just for him to refuse it again! X
    20. missye87
      Do you leave down dry food during the day? I'm just thinking that maybe he is more of a free eater than a 3 meal a day guy! Especially since he sounds like a big lovely bruiser ;) when they free feed it looks like they don't eat very much, but also because they eat in a way more natural to them they are less likely to display a begging greedy behaviour. Although that never stopped Sooty ;)
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