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Jul 11, 2016
Jun 24, 2013
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The Big Boss of Woofers

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Cheryl89 was last seen:
Jul 11, 2016
    1. nightkitten
      Where is she having her scan? I hope all turns out well for you. I've had bad news today xxx
    2. nightkitten
      I'm happy you like it :) How is Bugsy doing? xxx
    3. nightkitten
      I absolutely love it, love it, love it! It will get a special place. Thank you very much!!! :001_wub:
    4. tincan
      Thank you for asking lovely x ... I'm good , my lappy did one two days ago so not been on much as i hate his mac lol...... Still today i get my early xmas prezzie ... How are you Cheryl ? ok i hope ..... xx Shirl
    5. nightkitten
      Wow, wow and wow! Love it!!! Thank you very, very much! I have put it in a safe place for now as otherwise it will only get destroyed but it will get a special place in the cat's room once we have finished the house - hopefully some day lol xxx
    6. nightkitten
      Oh, if I'm allowed I will open it this evening when I get home. Can't wait now!! xxx
    7. nightkitten
      No, haven't opened mine yet, have to wait for Christmas :p
      It is hard to resist though :cool: xxx
    8. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Bugsys a cat isn't she? Usually diarrhoea and sickness bugs viral wise are specicies specific, the only thing I can thing of it that its either bacterial which then could be possible or some form or parasite dogs and cats can get giardia.
    9. nightkitten
      LOL! I thought there should be a response button :o
      Feeder should be with you Thursday at the latest and Wilbur says Thank you! xx
    10. nightkitten
      Hahaha! I obviously hope you spend loads of money... How do I answer to a visitor message???
    11. reallyshouldnotwearjods
      very coolies of course lol!! off to do the mid day school run - have popped Poppys photo up on her thread x
    12. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      There seems to be a lot of bugs doing the rounds going by threads on here. Probably better to not feed her at all tonight and then give her some rice and boiled skinless chicken in the morning or if shes iffy with chicken, some boiled white fish no skin and check for small bones first. Whats good to keep in is protexin prokolin and give that as soon as you see the squits and then with the resting diet until back to normal. You can only get it from vets though or on line I get mine for Pet Medicine, Vet Prescriptions & Pet Food Cheaper Than Your Vet
      As long as shes lively and normal in herself I wouldn't panic at the minute. Drinking water and keeping it down is important more then eating at the moment.
    13. sarahecp
      Thanks hun :) xxxx
    14. Hanwombat
      Yay me!! Spelling was out but ah well :lol: xxx
    15. Hanwombat
      Hehe no worries, I shall find out :) xxx hmmm Ich heisse Hannah, Ich bin funfundzwanzig yare alt. Ich habe einen hund, sie heisst Io und eine katze, er heisst Bear. Something like that haha. I haven't done german since school!!!
    16. Hanwombat
      I know! Can't believe how cold it is :O burrr!!! the 15th should be okay but I'll just double check :) Oooh german lesson? I do love the german language :) xxxxx
    17. Hanwombat
      Thank you for the rep :) I'm sure it'll all be fine :) xx
    18. sarahecp
      Thanks for the rep hun :) just seen it.
      Hope you're ok xxxx
    19. lostbear
      Where did I go? Official Secrets Act - can't say. Suffice it to say that the world is a better and safer place now ;)
    20. Hanwombat
      Hi - I've not had time to look at good walking places tonight, as I say mondays are usually a bit manic but will look tomorrow night :) I haven't text you as I don't always get signal in my house, like at the moment for example haha! xx
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