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Jul 11, 2016
Jun 24, 2013
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The Big Boss of Woofers

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Cheryl89 was last seen:
Jul 11, 2016
    1. catcoonz
      Thankyou for my rep, really wasn't needed as happy to help, just wish I could have helped him before then the poor boy wouldn't need to be moved around. xxxx
    2. ellenlouisepascoe
      Hello Mrs! Hope you are enjoying yourself , don't worry about it just send it whenever you remember! I am the same I would forget my head if it wasn't screwed on lol!
      It's miserable here today, been out for a walk with the dogs and had a bike ride now I'm hiding on the sofa wrapped in a blanket x
    3. Blackcats
      What thread was it? Ahhh, I am confused, haha.xxxxxxx
    4. Blackcats
      I think I know who you might be on about and another one who is still on here but hasn't commented much when the others got barred. And the one I think is you know who, with two profiles. But that's just suspicion and nothing more. All is quiet for me now. Thank god. I've actually posted a thread without it getting closed because of a stalker who red reps with comments. Bliss. Talk to me if you want. :)xxxxx
    5. Blackcats
      Ooooh, just got your visitor message. Mail me?xxxxx
    6. Blackcats
      Thanks for the rep hun. What was it for as it says N/A? Hahaha. Hope you're okay.xxxxxxxx
    7. Blackcats
      Yayyyyyy to that. :) I'm good thanks. Hope you've had a good weekend.xxx
    8. Blackcats
      Heya hun. Hope everything is okay your way.xxxx
    9. lostbear
      Canny for a baaby, as they say here. How's things going? E-mail me if it's anything that might be "volatile".
    10. Cheryl89
      Bloody GRASS!!! :mad:
    11. lostbear
      Thank you for the rep. I don't worry about the bad bits anymore, except for the way they they're affecting other people. xx
    12. lostbear
      Oooh! A rep! Thank you for the rep as well! xxxxxx
    13. lostbear
      Thank you for all your 'likes' - be careful of repetitive strain injury! xxx
    14. sarahecp
      No rest for the wicked!! Xxxxxx
    15. sarahecp
      Thanks hun :D xxxxxxx
    16. ellenlouisepascoe
      Aww poor Bugsy! I hope she is feeling better soon :( Nothing worse than heart conditions especially in pets as it's hard to tell them what they need to do to feel better! I was saying the other day I wish we could communicate properly with them and tell them everything is ok, and they could tell us what is wrong! Blade is okay, he's recovering from being neutered on the 27th of December, his razor rash is giving him a bit of discomfort but slowly getting better. Taz is just ...Taz lol sound as a pound my little Gremlin! Now I have images of Blade and Molly absolutely covered in mud! He loves a good wrestle , we would love to meet up some time! You can find out how much of a terror Blade actually is! x
    17. ellenlouisepascoe
      Hello Mrs, how are you and your lot today? x
    18. sarahecp
      Feeling a bit more normal now but the headache is now here :( took some pain killers will need to go to bed soon hopefully sleep it off. Just waiting for electric blanket to warm up the bed :) xxxxxxxxxx
    19. sarahecp
      Oh no! Poor Bugsy :( hope she's ok :(
      Poor Viv bless her :( I would have given her a hug too a would have ended up in tears. Hope all results are ok with Taz. I met a lady at work yesterday whose dog was put to sleep on Saturday she was in tears an so was I go it's heart breaking.
      Of I don't make much sense it cos I've got a migraine, got all
      Flashes and zigzags but not headache yet and feel sick get them now and again. With catch you soon. Xxxxxxxn
    20. sarahecp
      Thanks hun
      Let me know how Bugsy gets on xxxxxx
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