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Jul 11, 2016
Jun 24, 2013
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The Big Boss of Woofers

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Cheryl89 was last seen:
Jul 11, 2016
    1. Flamingoes
      Eesh I can't sleep at all lately :lol: I'm as bad as bumby; it must be in the genes *ponders*

      Anyway, how's you and yours, hen?

      Ps have a lovely day; it's sodding boiling up here so if you like the heat and don't want it I can PM it xxxx
    2. Flamingoes
      OI madam xxxx
    3. Blackcats
      Heya hun. Just checking in to see how you are. Haven't heard from you for awhile. Xx
    4. sarahecp
      Hi hunni bunny :) you're welcome :)
      Just seen it, guess it was you :)
    5. sarahecp
      Hey hun, hope you're ok?
      Just sponsored you :) Great cause! Good luck!
    6. sarahecp
      Oh I do too, just getting me down so much :( aww bless Bugs, if she's happy with Sash then that's the main thing and at least you get to see her too :) I'm glad Albie has settled in well and so quickly too :)
      Oh hun the not smoking is killing me, I was fine when I was on the patches, I craved a little bit on the lowest dose but now I'm not on anything I'm so desperate for one, been so tempted to buy a pack when I've been in the shop but been good and stopped myself, I honestly don't know how long it's going to last though, I know they're so bad for you bit I really do enjoy a ciggie :( hope you had a fab birthday, what I'd do to be 25 again!!
      My boys are good, apart from Ro having dodgy tummy again :( going to take him out in the garden on his harness later :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    7. Hanwombat
      I turned 26 :o Thats worse!!! haha xx
    8. Blackcats
      Happy birthday.xxx
    9. Hanwombat
      Ooooh so we do hehe!!! Are we the same year as well? :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a fab day!! XxXxXxX
    10. sarahecp
      So pleased business is going really well :thumbup:
      Things are ok ish, work is rubbish, I've not been feeling great health wise, got appt at hospital on 22 April to see gynaecologist so fingers crossed they do something for me as the pain is really getting me down :( apart from that I'm alright, still not smoking, but could kill for one! How's thing with you? How's Albie and Bugs? Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    11. sarahecp
      Hey hun, how you doing? Xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    12. Hanwombat
      I will do - lots and lots of pictures :D xx
    13. Hanwombat
      I'm good thank you - currently at boring work though haha! Crufts on Thursday WOO! Hows you? x
    14. Hanwombat
      Thanks for the rep Cheryl, love seeing all the photos on your facebook page x
    15. Blackcats
      Glad you are back lovely. How was the isolation period. :D xxxxx
    16. Blackcats
      Really? How stupidly pathetic. And she bangs on about what losers people are to do with rep. Sorry but she is a mini me of ..... that one is. Funny how she reps and closes her wall and PM so you can't reply to her vile comments. Am sure she'll get her pal to red rep her too now because that's what she does. I bet it would be interesting (If ever able) to read what is said in PM's about us. Eh well. They have no life. She'll be banned sooner or later as people on this forum are on to them and won't put up with it. No worries, I'll green rep her now (Won't add to much though) just because I can. Will find a recent comment now. Plus, I get what you mean. And I know that one will turn up on here again at some point. She's been on here under different disguises before and got banned each single time. ;) xxxxxx
    17. lostbear
      Ooooh - pm me with what you posted.
    18. Blackcats
      Haha, she has a knack for accusing others of not liking the truth and getting hurt by silly things, yet she is always banging on about what losers people are to hate being red repped for no reason. She got banned for a few days I think as she kicked off on a thread. She has a big issue on the rep system, not others me thinks. And the truth did hurt for her as I got a red rep and she got her pal to red rep me too. I felt loved I tell ya. Nobody is fooled by her, which is why she is so quiet on here now without friends to back her up. Anyway, you've been quiet. Hope you're okay? xxxxx
    19. lostbear
      Sorry to hear that. Let her know I was asking after her, please.
    20. lostbear
      Chezza - do we know what has happened to Harveybash? I keep checking her page, but there is no sign of life. I worried.
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