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Nov 26, 2010
Sep 20, 2008
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Feb 3, 1982 (Age: 38)
Housewife, part time sales rep, body piercer!

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PetForums Senior, 38, from Stevenage

Chell82xx was last seen:
Nov 26, 2010
    1. leashedForLife
      thanks so much for the reppies, chelli! :--)
      glad U liked it, i know it is sad to have a prospective-parent prove unsuitable, but really we are the ones who are sad - the dog is happy in themselves, and she should suffer very little from this.
      fingers crossed her loss of sight is slow, and she is an old-lady before it bothers her. ;--)
      all my best,
      --- terry
    2. Liteskye
      To be honest with you we haven't been to much ringcraft, as I'd rather train them myself at home or with Anne, and get her to go over them. We'll go every now and then just to put them through their paces. Oooh that will be great, as hopefully I'll be able to meet you at Crufts :-)
      Well done hun on your win!!
    3. Liteskye
      Thank you very much for you lovely comments regarding 3 of my pics. Beryl was 7 months on Friday. Its strange, as I wasn't going to keep her out of the litter, but I thought I would run her on till the end of the year. She is a great lass, and temperment wise she's faultless.
    4. Liteskye
      Hiya, lovely to hear from you.
      we're going to Midlands, but not entering Beryl. Then we have the club show at the end of the month, and both of the dogs will be going to that.
      Thank you for your lovely comment about Sidney :-)
      I missed a few shows nearer the beginning of the year because of the pups.
    5. Liteskye
      Hiya, and thanksfor the friendship request. Great to meet you :-)
    6. Katie&Cody
      Ahh hi hunny, well tis a flying visit cuz im off to bed but i promise to have a catch up with u over the wknd?D'yo have msn? I talk to a lot of the PFM's on there I jst neva have time to come on here!! Me and cody are...well im good, cody is going through a naughty stage!! Making mummy very cross, lol!! So will be on for advise the wknd anyhow... lol!! Glad to hear teddy's coming on well, he is a handsome fella.. chat soonx xxx
    7. Katie&Cody
      Hello missy...

      How's things? Its beem ages since we chatted. xxx
    8. MADCAT
      Hiya, are you ok? Not seen you around for a while xxx
    9. Elsie's mum
      Elsie's mum
      Hi im fine thanks, back at uni now. Sorry havn't replied I hardly ever come on here. Has Teddy had his first show yet? How did it go if he has? Lol your hand can recover for a few weeks as me and Elsie won't be able to come, I don't know what it is with her all the dogs seem to like her shes such a flirt.
    10. Elsie's mum
      Elsie's mum
      Oops wrote it on my page!
      Im good thanks you? Practicing in the park is a good idea, in the summer they often go outside and that allways alot harder as the dogs are dstracted by everything lol. I won't be going tomorrow but will be there the week after, no boubt Elsie will be just as embarassing lol
    11. Elsie's mum
      Elsie's mum
      Hi, I think you were at ringraft last night? I was the one with the slutty black and white dog that came late
      Hiya have you checked out my new site yet?

    13. marion..d
      hows the dogs ear
    14. jilly40
      yeah k here :) been walkies 2 day very slippy!!!! x
    15. jilly40
      hey howz you? k i hope xx
    16. Katie&Cody
      Hello sweetie pie, hope you have a good day today :-) Lotsa luv xxxx
    17. rottiesloveragdolls
      Happy birthday huni hope it a good one ;)
    18. Katie&Cody
      Happy Birthday to you
      Happy Birthday to you...
      We at Pet forums love you.....
      And im sure Teddy does too :)

      Have a great day chicken pie xxx
    19. scosha37
      No probs just seen it on the calender!..:D
    20. scosha37
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    Feb 3, 1982 (Age: 38)
    Housewife, part time sales rep, body piercer!
    Well i'm 27 in a few weeks and I am a self employed cosmetics sales rep! And also a body piercer! I spend the rest of my time looking after my husband of 2 years, my son and my 6 month old Dogue De Bordeaux, Teddy. I have been back in the UK for just over a year now and before this i lived in Cyprus for 3 years where i helped run my parents scuba diving school. I'm hoping to go back to college in september to study for a degree in HR.

    As well as piercings i love tattoos and am always trying to come up with new ideas!

    Scuba Diving, crafts and looking after all my animals, including hubby and son haha!



    Mia - Dogue de Bordeaux
    Teddy - Dogue de Bordeaux - Qualified for Crufts 2010 Whoo
    Amber - Dogue de Bordeaux
    Munch & Bunch - Leopard Gekos​


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