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Aug 10, 2011
Jun 17, 2009
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Apr 11, 1992 (Age: 28)

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PetForums VIP, 28, from Glasgow

CheekoAndCo was last seen:
Aug 10, 2011
    1. Stephen&Dogs
      Happy birthday :)
    2. srhdufe
      Right i am going to get to bed. Going to get up about 5 and put the washer on and vac. Poor poor ******* upstairs will all have hangovers and wont want the noise. Awww bring the violins out :lol:
    3. srhdufe
      :lol: Oh i know what you mean. I saw a picture of my 5yr old niece wearing make up. I thought it was sweet (and that she was playing dress up) until her mum told me that she wanted to wear it from now on :scared:
    4. srhdufe
      :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

      The quiet, polite kids are ok. The screaming ignorant spoiled brats arent tho. cant stand them :nono:
    5. srhdufe
      I had a few detentions at schoold for not paying attention. Parents made damn sure i went to them tho :p

      Oh i hate shopping too. The trick is to keep walking with the trolley and if you "accidentally" run into them then its the "trolleys wonky wheels that are at fault". You werent aiming for them at all ;) :aureola: :p :lol:
    6. srhdufe
      Thats how my parents were too and i am just fine :p

      I cant believe people are actually making excuses for them on that thread :out:
      Doesnt make sense to me that they think its ok for them all to behave like that
    7. srhdufe
      Thanks for my rep. I would too :lol:
    8. Tanya1989
      No probs.... and thanks :)
    9. Fuzzbugs!x
      Thanks for the rep loveee (: x
    10. Spellweaver
      Thanks for the rep hun :)
    11. Aurelia
      I don't even need to read it again hun. I know what I said, I didn't threaten her. I did advise her that anyone could report her though ... I know who you mean now though :lol: Oh dear. You certainly haven't had all of that story either. I'm about to PM you something to clear matters up ;)
    12. Aurelia
      That's a LIE, I don't even know who you are on about. But I have NEVER threatened anyone like that! :eek: You have also been misled and manipulated. Seriously if you need or want to ask me anything please do. I'm an honest person and have nothing to hide. Don't be fooled by people with only the aim to run me off the forum. They will use any tactic to do this, including telling people lies.
    13. Aurelia
      Hi, while visiting Windycity's profile to send her a PM I noticed your message to her. If you would like to know the truth about my circumstance please feel free to pm me (though why anyone is so bothered by my situation is beyond me :confused:). I'd hate to think you have your facts wrong like Windycity did. Like I said to Val, I'm not a liar and I've NOTHING to hide :) A note to Windycity/mellowma/milly22's posting below ... maybe you should have either sat on them a bit longer, or used them to PM me with your question/allegations instead. Then you wouldn't have made such a plonker of yourself :)
    14. WindyCity
      thanks you for the rep, I have been biting my tounge (sitting on hands) for quite some months now.
    15. Spellweaver
      thanks hun - I often have the same problem :)
    16. MissBexi
      Aww... Thanks for letting me know. Can safely say it wasn't my two lol.
    17. Spellweaver
      Just catching up - thanks for the rep on Seven Pets' "I can't believe.." thread :)
    18. shetlandlover
      Pictures? I shall come onto msn. :) xx
    19. shetlandlover
      I know :) I cant wait......xxx
    20. shetlandlover
      Yes boss. ;) xxx
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    Apr 11, 1992 (Age: 28)
    My name is Laura and I'm 17. I've got a few medical problems the main ones being Tourettes, M.E, Fibro and Neuropathic Pain. I've got a poodle called Cheeko and soon another poodle. I have 4 guinea pigs and a rabbit. I've had 7 guinea pigs in total. There is also daily wildlife visitors to the house. One is a hedgehog and I've lost count of the number of birds we feed!

    Animals, Photography, Scapbooking, Dog Grooming, Driving, Gardening, Swimming.


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