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Sep 17, 2021 at 6:22 PM
Dec 13, 2011
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Sep 17, 2021 at 6:22 PM
    1. EnzoDino
      Thanks so much for your reply CheddarS about me losing my wondeful Dino. It has been a rough few days and we have been very sad. Your boy Cheddar is beautiful and makes me want another Weimie already! Thanks again for your message and I have enjoyed looking at your pictures and the links to others' with Weim's. x
    2. Leanne77
      Thanks Fiona but i'll pop a cheque in the post to Bev, I like to have them all to look back on, as a memoir of the day.
    3. s4simo
      Once you've had one ....! We call monte 'The Velcro Dog' because he is a classic Weimaraner displaying separation anxiety, paranoia and no off switch!
      Have you seen Double Troubles weimys ? They are lush! X
    4. s4simo
      Hi, this piccie was taken 2 years ago but is still one of my favourites. Monte is our second weimy but he has been very ill after being diagnosed with SRMA (steroid responsive menigitis arteritis) ,so we are on a long road to recovery and because it is auto immune it can come back and is on the rise in weimaraners
      How old is your boy? Is he your first? Xx
    5. CheddarS
      That is great - got to do a bit of investigation but will get back to you. thanks
    6. Animal Pastel
      Animal Pastel
      Your photos are brill - luv the lack of colour in the shots

      Timeline for a commission? 4-5 wks. Does that work for you?
    7. Animal Pastel
      Animal Pastel
      Thanks for the feedack on my post re web site.

      Just taken a peek at your albums - love the two photos of Cheddar.
    8. DT
      Yep! in around 5 years time¬
    9. DT
      I only got two now, lost my sweetest ever girl in 2008 have had a few fosters though
      wish I could post pictures of mine
      I used to be called Double Trouble on here and there were loads of piccys on that account
    10. DT
      Heck you have a weimy, how did I miss you xxx
      I have had a love affair with weimys since I waw around 12 years old
    11. CheddarS
      He is 10 months...going on 14 in human terms! He is just a rather large Weimie so need to keep on working as he will have me over :-). Off to the Grizedale so really close to Hawkshead...will be looking at your photos, Thanks!
    12. springerpete
      How old is he ? Sounds like he's entering his 'Teenage' phase, a bit of a nightmare with any young dog, but he'll get over it, just dont push him too hard, take things slowly.
      I've got one young dog, my retreiver Flyte, getting over it and my slightly younger spaniel, Skye is just entering his period of adolescent angst. I must be mad, taking on two high drive pups at the same time, still, they're getting there and hopefully will be ready for the start of the season. Have a good time at the Lakes, we love it there, usually stop at Hawkshead. Have you had a look at my pair in my album, some of the pics show what can be achieved at quite an early age.
      Take care, Have fun. Pete.
    13. springerpete
      He's just a youngster at the moment, my advice with all pups is to have lots of patience, it's always two steps forward and one back. Make any training fun and be aware of when he gets bored with a particulr session. Nothing worse than trying to work with a pup that just isn't in the mood. Utilise his prey drive into your training wherever possible.
      I train Springers and Goldies as working dogs so I'm sure that I have faced many of the same problems you will be encountering. If you ever feel I can help you know where I am, I never pretend to be an expert or a 'Behaviourist' to be honest I'm not to sure what they are. Good luck, remember patience is your most important tool. Pete.
    14. springerpete
      Hi, saw you'd paid me a visit, thought I'd say hello and welcome, lovely pup. Pete.
    15. CheddarS
      Thanks - He is an angel and a monster as you probably know! But so glad he came into our lives. Any advice you can give on the breed is really welcome, it is all learning as he is our first one.
      I live near Worcester, you anywhere near?
    16. DT
      Just love Cheddar x
      I have two, but not many pictures on, used to be loads under old doubleTrouble but dont know if they are still on the forum
      Where are you located?
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