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Apr 4, 2012
Oct 16, 2008
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May 22
Veterinary Nurse

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PetForums Junior, from Herefordshire

charnmar was last seen:
Apr 4, 2012
    1. colliemerles
      HaPpY BirThDaY
    2. WoodyGSP
      I probably wont be going on the dog walk now because I've just found out that the dogs have to be on leads. Woody will be so frustrated so it won't be any fun. We think we'll just go an hour later instead:D
    3. WoodyGSP
      Here's some info about that dog walk.

      Join Howard and Barley on their walk across the Malvern Hills
      Sunday 21st November 2010
      Meet at Swinyard’s Car Park at 9.30am, walk departs at 10am.
      To register contact Mandi Harris on 01905 748485 or email [email protected]
    4. WoodyGSP
      We went to a place near Lydbrook. It was excellent. We met a wild boar:eek: Woody knew it was there before did. He was acting nervous, so we went to see why, and a boar jumped up and we ran:D I wish I'd got a better look, so I really want to go back now. There's signs of wild boar everywhere,but I never thought we'd see one. A lady we met said she'd seen 2 in the car park aswell.
    5. WoodyGSP
      Thanks, I think he's handsome too, I just wish he'd put on a bit more weight. Ellie is gorgeous too. A walk in the malverns would be a great idea. Have you heard about that dog walk in the malverns on Hereford and Worcester radio. Its on 21st Nov?
      We're going to go on a nice walk in the Forest of Dean on sunday to make the most of autumn before its over:thumbup:
    6. WoodyGSP
      What a small world. We were the ones with the young male, and my MIL was with us too at the Monmouth show with Woodys mum, Saffie.
      Mum2three was also at both shows with the 2 male pups, did you meet them too?
    7. WoodyGSP
      I've just realised what your dogs name is. Did we meet you at Monmouth and Herefordshire country shows? Mum2three was also there.
    8. WoodyGSP
      Were you affected by the fire? We're in Tewkesbury.
    9. WoodyGSP
      Hi Charnmar. What part of Herefordshire are you from? My MIL lives near Ross on Wye.
    10. Clare&Oscar
      Just found you as a GSP owner hope you don't mind me saying hello, we had a GSP (George) for ten years until he passed away last year and we now have a very manic 10 month old Oscar so any tips on training if you have any would be great.
    11. DevilDogz
      Happy Birthday.!
      Hope you have a really lovely day.! :thumbup1:
      kerry x x x
    12. tashi
      I think they are may be able to check later Wendy has now joined facebook so will grab her if she is online
    13. eva735
      Yes, Im in Suffolk, she's registered, I have found a dog show local to me on the 22nd, so was thinking of going along and seeing what its all about.
    14. Kye
      haha yup 1 or 2 Ridgebacks in these parts!!
    15. eva735
      She's doing well thanks, recovered from her virus and back to her wild self! But she has calmed down a lot since her season and its become a lot more relaxed in the house again for the first time in 8 months! How's your little girl doing? You show don't you? Its something thats really interested me and would love to do it with Mais but wouldn't know where to start! How do I know if she's show worthy? As her parents weren't shown only worked. Although there as show lines way back in her pedigree. Any info a great help!
    16. clueless
      Hi Thanks for friendship request, much appreciated.
    17. DoubleTrouble
      Thanks for the friend request - obviously I have accepted - eyes not too good but is that a german pointer as you aviator??? A dog I adore - not dislike mine actually
    18. eva735
      Yes, I've been advised to wait a while, Maisy is only ten months at mo and would love her to have a companion but at the mo two crazy dogs would be too much! Maisy is still being trained too, she's getting there but easily loses concerntration, bless her, she's very demanding but definatly worth it!! Reading up on the gsp they seem to have very similar personalities: crazy but loyal and very affectionate. I'm really keen to doing agility when she's old enough as I think she will love it!
    19. eva735
      I love this breed if I decide not to breed Maisy I would love a pointer for a companion for maisy! as they are crazy just like the Vizsla! How old is you dog? Do you find it hard work!lol
    20. Dundee
      I'm not so familiar with GSPs, but believe they are still a dual purpose breed. Do you show?
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    May 22
    Veterinary Nurse
    Walking; swimming; dog showing; dog agility; horse riding.


    You've not lived until you've lived with a GSP!
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