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Nov 27, 2019
Mar 21, 2009
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May 30
Foot of the mountain

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We are defined by what we do, if you don't know yourself yet, observe what you do, you will then have no doubt as to who you are... May 10, 2015

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Nov 27, 2019
    1. Changes
      We are defined by what we do, if you don't know yourself yet, observe what you do, you will then have no doubt as to who you are...
    2. noushka05
      Yes! give it a go & stay on here!! - I miss not seeing you around :)xxx

      Follow some interesting people on twitter Mel, that's a good way to get yourself into it. Owen Jones, George Monbiot, Brian May, Ricky Gervais, Russell Brand, Marcus Chown are a good start. I've literally thousands more I can recommend if you get hooked:D lol
    3. noushka05
      LOL you found me!:D I was the same with twitter, but persevered because I found so many on there who shared my values - now I'm flippin addicted to the place! lol Hope alls well with you & yours & life is being kind to you too Mel xxxx
    4. noushka05
      They are a worry, my next eldest one, Inca, is 13 now & shes such a picky eater - she stresses me out as well lol. I'm so pleased you got Poppy into flyball, bet you love it almost as much as she does don't you Mel? I love to watch it myself, it must be such a buzz having your own dog compete. No, we have no newcomers here. We seem to have had so much worry with this lot lately, I think my oh would pack his bags if we got another lol xxx
    5. noushka05
      I've not really been to bed Mel!:eek: I slept on the settee last night. We had to rush Merlin off to the vets on Thursday because he was bloating again. Thankfully his gut didn't twist & he seems fine now. But hes 14 & we're worried theres something sinister going on inside him, this is the second time its happened in 3 months. I'm taking him back on Thursday to discuss things with my favourite vet. Anyways, so pleased you two are having a lie in:p Bet Poppy is gorgeous, she'll be all grown up now, how time flies hey.
    6. noushka05
      Eyup lovely! I'm alright thank you, hope things are all good for you too. I rarely use fb so its great to see you back on here Mel - don't leave it so long next time! lol xxxxx
    7. Spellweaver
      Hello! Lovely to see you back on here - you're not around often enough and I miss your posts. We are all fine - how's you and yours?
    8. noushka05
      Hey up Mel, hope you & yours are keeping well xxxx
    9. noushka05
      Finally! here you are:D So good to hear you & Poppy are well, I cant believe its her 1st birthday soon Mel, hasn't that flown:eek6: She sounds an absolute darling, all your love and hard work has paid off. I do hope you can find a flyball club in your area, that is such an exciting sport, I'm sure you'd both love it. Take care of yourself lovely & hope to see you around more often xxxxx
    10. noushka05
      Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Not seen you around for ages - hope you & the little un are alright xxxxx
    11. Jesthar
      Heya, thanks for the rep :) Much appreciated
    12. Spellweaver
      Happy new year to you too xx
    13. Malmum
      Thanks for the rep of the 11th, have only just seen it - phone doesn't alway show them. :)
    14. Quirk
      Thank you for the rep, you are so lovely :) x
    15. Satori
      ... and thanks to you! Fingers crossed here. He needs luck too :)
    16. porps
      thanks for the rep, hope you manage to have a good xmas too
    17. noushka05
      lmao better still ask the neighbour to have her for a few sleep overs!:D

      (Hope you have a great Christmas, enjoy your break & try and get some well earned rest:) xxxx)
    18. noushka05
      :eek: omg, you have got a bit of a live wire :eek:hehe

      Seriously though you must be shattered Mel :/ , have you thought of asking for suggestions on here ? xxxx
    19. noushka05
      Aww she sounds very smart yet rather mischievous lol I'm sure she'll soon settle down and sleep through, that said my Mum & Dad ended up putting their Lhasa in bed with them he was such a bad sleeper - slept like a log once they did that - crafty little begger! lol xxxx
    20. noushka05
      Ello missis! hope gorgeous lil poppy puppy is behaving her self. Bet shes growing like a weed :D- I think we need some an update and some piccys! xxx
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    Life is mostly about smiling :D

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