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Mar 20, 2010
Jan 15, 2009
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champagneannie was last seen:
Mar 20, 2010
    1. Midnight
    2. Cat_Crazy
      Thanks for the rep :)
    3. Midnight
      Comments - Graphics[/img]
    4. srhdufe
      how are you hun??? xx I hope everything is ok x
    5. srhdufe
      awwww why whats happened hun?? x

      I am great thanks :)
    6. Rick
      Hi, just cos you are in my friends llist....
      I have set up a site, MASTER debater • Index page ,I would be grateful if you would have a look and contribute.
    7. Wilted0Rose
      Hello again,

      I am based in littlehampton west sussex. Thats great because the babies will only be ready for sale after xmas.

      Oh yeah, i re checked my rats that are expecting, and can now tell you what ype of litters I am hopefully going to get, they will be a mixture of bright topaz( not cinnamon), pale champaign's, blues, blue hooded, standard hooded, over marked silver fawn birkshire, this is what we are hoping to get as these are the parent to be's colours and markings.

      Thank you,

      Ashleigh crause
    8. Wilted0Rose
      Hello, Thank you for your message, I am Expecting my first litter next week, but they will cinnamon selfs, and champaign's. the next 2 litters are dues a few days after the first litter and will be carrying the blue gene, so we are hoping to have some blues and some hooded blues I do have a website that has pictures of the parents, if you want to look here is the link : http://www.ratshack.co.uk/

      Thanks again,

      Ashleigh Crause
    9. Nellybelly
      NO worries. I really was not bothered by it. I am more bothered by what I did to my little girl, but so far it is not at all red and she isn't paying it any attention whatsoever. It hardly shows at all. You did make some good points about not subsituting vets for forums, and always best to go to vet if in doubt. So again, really, not a problem at all! Thanks for your concern!
    10. Little Missy
      Little Missy
      Thanks for the picture comment, hunny. x
    11. Little Missy
      Little Missy
      So do I - LOL :p
    12. Little Missy
      Little Missy
      I like your icon/avatar. ;)
    13. Rick
      They have Alpaca on a farm near me. They don't guard anything though it's more of a petting place.
    14. Cat_Crazy
      Thank you very much for the rep :)
    15. borderer
      i love ya he he
    16. lifeizsweet
      I find sometimes it's hard to voice my opinions because i know so many don't agree (i personally see it as common sense almost!) Each to their own, but sometimes i just fail to comprehend!
    17. lifeizsweet
      Thanks for the friend add :)
    18. sequeena
      Thanks for the rep xx
    19. champagneannie
      yep probably. mine are both light coloured and they are looking a bit tiney bit yellow tinged already
    20. thedogsmother
      Ok thanks for that, I will probably only notice it on Edd as he is the blue hooded.
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