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Jun 24, 2014
Jul 26, 2008
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PetForums Member, from Sweden

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Jun 24, 2014
    1. Ryklin

      I'm new here. I saw your post about studs living indoors in Sweden. I'd like to know when you can let your stud out to roam free for a while when you have queens as well.

      How do they do it?

    2. Cerridwen
      Åh, trevligt med en till svensk här. :)
    3. missye87
      Hej! Min familj bor i Nykoping, dock bor jag i London nu :) Kram!
    4. Gratch
      Aye seems a fair way to the animals if I do say so myself! If they don't turn out as expect, no harm no foul and if they are what is expected then they get to enjoy a family life when not needed :) And my friens is originally from Oskarsahm but I always thought it was Oskarsund so was confused when I googled it :D
    5. Cerridwen
      Aha, Karlstad. A bit further up in the country. A bit more my style than Gothenburg really. We have lousy winters in Gothenburg. I like snow which we only have in very rare instances here.

      I understand that "the Swedish system" can seem strange but it works. I think it was invented by the military and the police. They bought pups intended for service but in order to be normally socialized they were placed in families. When they got older they were trained by professionals, if the pups turned out to be good they had to leave their families. If they didn't keep up they stayed in their families.
    6. Gratch
      I have a Swedish friend who's in Karlstad at the moment but is from up North, can't for the life of me mind the name of his town though! Shall have to ask :D I wouldn't worry about people picking at what you're saying by the way, I think the idea of having the stud placed in his forever home at 13 weeks would keep him happier than being rehomed at 2/3 years old and a bit of transporting every know and then *should* be less stress than bringing other cats into his home.
    7. Gratch
      Hello, I think you've brought up an excellent idea on the stud cat thread :) What part of Sweden are you from?
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    I'm a mother, a cat breeder, a biologist and a humanist.

    Cat breeding and feline nutrition.
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