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Sep 28, 2018
Jan 27, 2009
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Sep 28, 2018
    1. Canine K9
      Canine K9
      Thank you for the rep xx
    2. Symone
      Thank you for the rep. :) x
    3. pogo
      oh thank you for the rep :) x
    4. danielled
      Bobby us a gorgeous chi. I saw the episode where he was taken into battersea cats and dogs home, he looks handsome.
    5. DoggieBag
    6. dee41
      thankyou for your advise we have called our new puppy poppy she's lovley she is tri colour we have been paying extra attention to missy sp she dosent feel left out i will put some pics on today its like having a new baby to look after hard work phew will be worth it though lol x
    7. dee41
      hi yes she been settling in ok we went and bought another cav puppy but missy dosent seem to like her she will let her lay with her for a while then start growling and barking at her this morning she really snapped at her and the puppy was screaming so now i am watching them constantly do you think they will bond i am scared if the dont.
    8. dee41
      hi ,wondered if yyou could advise me on my new little girl missy i rescued she not doing too bad now still very frightened but really comes out of her shell when other dogs are around do you think it would be adviseable to get another cav and what age would you suggest if i did? thanks
    9. Devil-Dogz
      Hi, did your friend contact the breeders? (:
    10. GoldenShadow
      Hello! Babycham sent me a text to say she promises she's not ignoring your PM's but her phone wont let her reply so she will send you a message later on :) x
    11. babycham2002
      Sorry to hear you have done your wrist in :( Love to you and the poochs esp a certain fluffy someone :) xxx
    12. Milliepoochie
      Hope your feeling better soon! x x
    13. cavmad
      Thanks am off to look now have just done the daily groom on the table he is learning to lie down on the table and is really good now
    14. Cassia
      Take a look at these links... they show you how to bathe/groom your PP correctly.
      1st link- part one
      2nd link- part two
      3rd link- part three

      Obviously some of the stuff she does you might not be able to do or have the tools for :)

      YouTube - ‪Grooming your Powderpuff - Part 1‬‏

      YouTube - ‪Grooming your Powderpuff - Part 2‬‏

      YouTube - ‪Grooming your Powderpuff - Part 3‬‏
    15. Tanya1989
    16. Magnus
      To put one of your pics into a thread just right click the pic, go to "properties" and highlight and copy the whole of the URL address.
      In the thread click on the "Insert Image" icon - the square yellow box with mountains in it and paste the copied address into the box which appears.

      Lovely Leo you have by the way

    17. cavmad
      Thanks Luvdogs wish i knew how to put them in a thread i'm so thick on the computor
    18. Luvdogs
      Beautiful dogs you have :)
    19. Katie&Cody
      'Pip- tri cav boy went to vet to be pts as so small and rest of litter had gone' Did you get him p2s?
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