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Feb 13, 2021
May 27, 2009
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student nurse

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PetForums VIP, from Ireland

Cavalierlover123 was last seen:
Feb 13, 2021
    1. Stellabella
      I'm not great at this techy stuff... I can't find how to upload pics. I know i did it once but d'oh, really!! Any advice?? Pleez? :D
    2. Stellabella
      Thank you! They are such adorable little dogs aren't they. How many have you got?
    3. Classyellie
      Wow 5!!! So cute!
    4. flufffluff39
      If you look in my shuggle photo album she is the one with the father christmas outfit on...lol. We did it for a christmas campaign about not buying pups for christmas :)
    5. flufffluff39
      I have a cavalier cross pug and shes gorgeous :) To be honest with you she just looks like a short haired red cavalier :) Your pup is lovely!!
    6. lianne86
      hi ya thank you for the comment...shes 8months now and turning into a little madam lol!!!
    7. Classyellie

      Hows your Pippa doing with toilet training? My Pippa is crated but she has slept from 11-7ish since the second night she has been home without waking up or going in her crate! I'm amazed tbh!
    8. kittykat
      Thanks for the rep! :) Love the pics of Cassie too!
    9. Captain.Charisma
      Actually, i need to upload some pics of me and my cats... my picture at the moment is a bit dull dont ya think ? haha

      Aww wicked, what do you hope to study ? my degree was on Geography :(, now i gotta get a job i suppose, but being 20 all i wanna do is just enjoy myself .. i am posting on here till stupid o'clock, getting up for a job is gonna be painful :P !

      To be honest, i am still open-minded about what breed of dog i might get, but i quite like Akitas, Dobes and Rotti's ( i think they all have an unfair reputation), same with Staffies (but i dont want to get a dog one that makes ppl want to put there dog on the lead , or for ppl to be intimidated by me - so i will rule them out... as i want my dog to have doggie freinds not enermys :P)
    10. Captain.Charisma
      I have two cats, a boy and a a girl whos a persian. They are both really freindly, family pets in which we all adore them.

      However, now ive finished uni i will probauly move out of home (at some point, when i get a good job, then i want a dog :), so ive been doing my research on them too :D )
    11. Captain.Charisma
      Thankyou, aww some lovely pics there... you and your Cavalier kings charles looks soo adorebale !!
    12. 1TINK1
      Yea Im Goin To Put More Pics Of My Girls On Here Soon We Dont Have Bobby Anymore My Daughter Has Him As He Was Quiet Domminant With The Girls Lol But At Least I Know He Has Gone To A Good Home And Will Be Looked After And Loved
    13. 1TINK1
      Hiya Hun Charlie Is 6 Years Old And Chloe Is 6 Months Old They Are Little Darling Love Them To Bits And Wouldnt Be Without Them They Are Mine And My Hubbys Babys X
    14. 1TINK1
      hi i see you have a gorg little blenheim in ur pic i have 2 girls both blenheim who i adore they are lovely dogs x
    15. rachel_mannix
      Hi just wanted to say your cavvies are gorgeous!! How old are they? I've got a tri-colour called Millie she's 5 months already I want another!! One of each colour :)
    16. scosha37
      No problem Petal...they are little cuteys..xx
    17. lianne86
      yes she is an AKK that pic you commented on was her at bout 5 months old
    18. kiera09
      I know! The same one done it again earlier! They got brains!lol! xx
    19. kiera09
      Yer it looks nice! Yer it woz lush here yesterday! Typical er! The pups are doing really well with their paper training! They all run onto the paper wen they wake up n 2 pups just poo'd on the paper! I'm so proud ov em! xx
    20. kiera09
      Pink and purple! u got it write then! The weathers so sh*t by me! Wots it like in Ireland? x
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    student nurse
    walking my dogs, swimming,basket ball. watching home and away!



    RIP Cassie my loyal friend

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