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Feb 13, 2021
May 27, 2009
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student nurse

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Feb 13, 2021
    1. lucyandsandy
      I have just added an album to my profile if you want to take a look!
    2. lucyandsandy
      On no! Sorry to hear about Cassie that must have been horrible. I have some photos somewhere I will find them later, she is only four months old so still only tiny!
    3. lucyandsandy
      Give me my dog back! Your Cassie looks so much like my Sandy, really similar markings. Of course yours is a lot older now, love the look of your brood! I'm so jealous of people who have more than one Cavalier!
    4. suzy93074
      Awww I love your profile pic! so cute:):)xx
    5. xhuskyloverx
      Oh yeah, lol didn't realise. Yeah they can be, i've never lost Bella from the garden but as they can't really be let off the lead reliably due to high prey drive I found a secure looking field, walked round it loads of times before I let her off all went well for a few times. Then one day I went in and she managed to squish under a small gap in the fence!! lol
    6. xhuskyloverx
      Aww sorry to here that :( It must be hard being away. Just keep counting down lol. She is lovely, can be very hard work tho at times but I love her to pieces really lol :)
    7. xhuskyloverx
      Hey, thanks for the comment on bellas photo :) Shes a siberian husky x alaskan malamute. Your dogs are beautiful too :)
    8. Malmum
      Have a lovely time. The good thing about being away from home is the joy of returning. Three weeks will fly by!
    9. Malmum
      Christmas will be here before you know it, not long now. Hope you get to stay home for a good break as all that nurse training takes up lots of time. I'm an auxillary nurse but work on nurse bank so choose my shifts but one of my daughters works in A&E and does loads of nights, also shift work and it's a very busy department, so I know how exhausting it can be at times. She was a renographer but is now going to start her nurse training next year. We have worked at the hosp for around five years now and it can be stressful at times. My other two daughters are also auxillary nurses but don't want to do their nurse training, too much responsibilty they say.
    10. kaisa624
      Aww no :( Bless!! We've only got Holly, she's 13 months old on Fri :D
    11. kaisa624
      Thank you, yours are lovely too :) Am looking forward to getting a second :)
    12. Malmum
      It's always nice to share experiences, even if they are sad. My weekend has consisted of gardening mostly, lots to do since Flynn had his op and I spent all my time with him. Now have to catch up before his next op in January when he has the other hip replaced. Also need to finish decorating the hall but that can wait, got loads of very tall bushes to get rid of first and Flynn can sit out in the garden while I do it. Been raining lots though. How was yours, studying I suppose.
    13. Malmum
      You will but it takes time and when the bad memories come back you'll learn to replace them with good ones.
    14. Malmum
      No there isn't any point in re living the experience but we all do sometimes. I had my 13 year old Yorkie killed by another dog when out on a walk, that was 20 years ago and I still cry sometimes. You have to try to put it behind you as nothing will bring them back or change what happened - but it's so very hard.
    15. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Thankyou. Unfortunately I have only 3 now I lost 3 of them several years ago at 11half and 2 at 14.
    16. Malmum
      OMG that's terrible. It's so painful to lose a dog and to lose her in that way is just awful. She was far too young to be taken from you.
      One of Flynns brothers was killed last year, he was just over one year old and got out and was hit by a car in a country lane, his "dad" was in floods of tears when he phoned to tell me. We all cried for days. Buddy was one of my two Mals pups and i'd kept him til he was six months old to get the right home for him. I felt so guilty as I kept thinking if i'd let him go to the other people who wanted him he may still be alive. I still cry at times when Flynn and I are sitting in the garden looking at the stars, I wonder if Buddy can see us and what he's up to.
      He was such a beautiful lil guy.
    17. Malmum
      Oh that's so terribly sad and so young too. It's so painful to lose a dog, really physically painful. One of Flynns brothers was hit by a car and killed last year, he was just over a year old and one of my two dogs pups. He had a lovely home too but got out and was killed on a country road - we all cried for days, couldn't accept it as we'd kept him til e was six months waiting for the right home, his "dad" was in floods of tears when he phoned to tell us and I felt so guilty that i'd had the offer of two different homes. Kept thinking if i'd let him go to the other home he'd still be alive. Still cry about Buddy now when Flynn and I are sitting in the garden sometimes.
      So sorry for your loss, must have been awful for you to have seen your baby die but at least you held her in your arms. Far too young to go, poor baby - not fair is it?
    18. Malmum
      Bet you can't wait, i'd be so upset - a real booby I am with the dogs. No kids anymore and no grandchildren so they're my babies now - poor things bet i'm overpowering at times, lol don't think I pass one without cuddling it.
      Malamutes are gorgeous, real talkers and when they have a howl off (at sirens) the whole neighbourhood knows, apart from that the little dogs are the "burglar alarms" lol. Lovely dogs Mals but very challenging for the first couple of years so you have to be strong. Flynn is 2 1/2 and still a handful at times when out, wouldn't change him for the world though.
    19. Malmum
      Thank you for your comment. They are my lil babies and are a lot less trouble, than kids, lol - apart from the holes in the garden. No probs as they have their own side for digging.
      Your little ones are gorgeous too, I like big dogs for big cuddles but the little ones are so very cute and love your lap - bet yours do too.
    20. Stellabella
      Hello...I am so sorry to hear that you have lost little Cassie. You must be so heartbroken. I have only started coming back on recently, and saw your name on rainbow bridge tonight, poor little baby she was so young....
      Sending you hugs & love from Ange xx
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    student nurse
    walking my dogs, swimming,basket ball. watching home and away!



    RIP Cassie my loyal friend

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