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Feb 26, 2012
May 23, 2008
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PetForums VIP, from in the local pub!!!

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Feb 26, 2012
    1. Molly's Mum
      Molly's Mum
      Hi Karen, hope you are ok? Just wanted to see if you was ok after the pups left :-( x x
    2. 1TINK1
      Im Really Sorry That You Didnt Get Her Karen But Do You Know Wot Pisses Me Off She Is Still Advertising Her Dog For Stud O0n Pets4homes And On Epupz I Think She Is A Bloody Disgrace
    3. Molly's Mum
      Molly's Mum
      can't wait to see the pics hun, right I'm off ... feeding time for my lot. We tried our best hun and that's all we could of done x x
    4. Molly's Mum
      Molly's Mum
      we tried our best Karen, least we were prepared to do something and go & get her, I even made sure I had some cash last night. Hope Friday goes well hun, not too many tears lol x x
    5. Molly's Mum
      Molly's Mum
      Hiya hun, well at least we tried, like you I hope she has gone somewhere where she will be loved x x
    6. 1TINK1
      And Another Thing That I Find Strange About This Advert Ther Is No Picture Of Bonnie Yet She Can Find Time To Tkae A Picture And Put It On The Advert Of The Father Of The Puppys Weird Eh I Really Hope Poor Bonnie Is Ok And That You Can Get Her Karen Xxxx
    7. 1TINK1
      Hiya Hun Keep Trying I Have Emailed Her And Told Her She Shouldnt Have Let It Go This Far Im Sorry But That Is The Way I Feel I Emailed Her Last Night And Still Havnt Had A Reply And Prob Wont Do How Bloody Irresponsable Is That Owner And To Try And Rehome Her Or Rahter Sell Her 12 Days Before She Is Due To Whelp Is Just Bloody Awful Me And Alan Sed We Wud Have Her But We Just Dont Have That Money That She Is Asking For Her I Really Hope You Get Her Hun Keep Me Informed Xxxxxxxx
    8. crazycrest
      Many Happy Return's to you, hope you have a fantastic day xxx
    9. DevilDogz
      Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!
      Hope you and pups are well!
      Take care
      kerry xxx
    10. Molly's Mum
      Molly's Mum
      Happy Birthday sweetie x x x x x x
    11. Molly's Mum
      Molly's Mum
      yep totally agree, well lets just hope & fingers crossed - she is only 18 !!
    12. Molly's Mum
      Molly's Mum
      thanks for being around hun x x
    13. DevilDogz
      AH took her ages to write it after many attempts to.! Good luck :D :D
    14. DevilDogz
      Thanks for the rep.! Did many others pass on the contracts??
      I was going to say you could have just looked on our website for it hah But mum didnt ming fowarding it xxxx
    15. DevilDogz
      Yeah i know what you mean mums just PMing you now with ours :) We think its fair and responsible maybe you can give us your views on it to :)
    16. clueless
      Thanks for the Rep Cav Much appreciated
    17. Molly's Mum
      Molly's Mum
      Wow just looked at the photo's they are sooooo cute, I just love the dark one. They are so healthy - well done you x x x
    18. Small~Fluffy
      Hi hun, wondering how everything is going? Is mummy all better yet?
      How are the pups, can't believe they are over 5wks now!!

      Hope your managing to get some rest inbetween puppy pampering... xx
    19. Small~Fluffy
      You make as many spelling mistakes as you want, I remember how tired you get with the feeding..
      Though didn't have to get them pooping/peeing :-))
      Wish I could help you as I still miss feeding the little chap.

      Definately need her to get used to scissors, she will spend hours being trimmed if she is of show quality (heres hoping)
      Her dad has a massive coat an I have to trim him every week as we show most weekends.

      Can you not keep any even with begging and pleading??
      I wanted to keep both of ours being our first litter, but when we go through it all again, Im sure hubby will say noooo!!
      Its the only bad side of having a lovely litter, having to find homes when you just want to keep them all LOL

      Keep me updated & take it easy inbetween xx
    20. Small~Fluffy
      Hi hun, Im so sorry to hear mum is poorly :-( you now have your work cut out.
      Will she still be able to do there toileting etc?
      How long before mastitis goes? Sending her lots of love & get well soon vibes xx

      How are all the furbabies? growing at a snuggly rate of knots no doubt.

      How are you? Knackered I presume!! make sure you rest inbetween looking after everyone else.

      Harmony is sugar plum sweet :-)) have a routine at last, so know how long i have before she needs attention/feeding/playing with/cuddling the list goes on... LOL

      She had her pads trimmed yesterday as was walking.. well slippin around on fur fluffy platforms!!
      Also trimmed her ears to get her used to the sound of scissors near her face. She was really good.

      Im amazed how much I have enjoyed having a homebred pup....

      You take care an don't forget to look after you xx
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