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Apr 9, 2017
Mar 30, 2009
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Colorado /United States
A Cashier at a neiborhood convenience store.

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PetForums VIP, from Colorado /United States

CatzEyes was last seen:
Apr 9, 2017
    1. kittykat
      Lol 40 winks never hurt anyone ;) x
    2. kittykat
      Lol aww you're just tired out by the sounds of it! hope u felt better after ur little nap ;) x
    3. MADCAT
      Aww u must need the rest try relax today, i am off now will catch up tomorrowxxx
    4. kittykat
      just to say I'm gonna go pick Holly up soon, hope u have a lovely day Julie and catch you soon! :) xxXXxx
    5. MADCAT
      Hiya, how are you i have a new wardrobe and dressing table arriving in six weeks :) xxx
    6. kittykat
      I'm exactly the same, keep waking up every couple of hours then I cant get back to sleep! its so annoying cos im tired as Fluff all day and look forward to going to bed LOL

      yeah she will have fun! i just hope she behaves herself!! :eek:
    7. kittykat
      oh its got alot cooler here lately too! It makes a nice change eh!
      No hes not working :( mores the pity! Lol I just havent been sleepin that well and feel tired and worn out all the time!
      Holly has her 1st school disco tonight haha she is so excited bless her
    8. kittykat
      Hi Julie! thanks for the cute pic! sorry havent had time to sort one out Lol
      I'm ok thanks, bit bored really! hows you? xxx
    9. westie~ma
      You're very welcome. Only noticed them today, I must go around with my eyes shut half the time lol

      He is gorgeous mind, so glad he is good for Amber. He looks very contented xx
    10. westie~ma
      Oh good, makes life easier for you and yours if its cooler, able to get on with things :)

      Family and furkid are good, the kids are looking forward to the end of school for the summer break, they've got this week and next week and then their off.

      Monty has been naughty today, took him for a lovely long walk where he met lots of dogs and played, came home fed him and the next thing he had brought dd's crocs out of the house onto the lawn and was chewing them :eek: so I grounded him to his bed :p
    11. westie~ma
      Thank you for the cats, they're beautiful, brings back memories of my grand old lady :) xx

      I'm doing good xx How's everything with you? Has it cooled down at all for you? Hope you're managing to get through it xx
    12. Waterlily
      how are ya noodle :D
    13. MADCAT
      I am off now OH is treating my to a wardrobe cos i have been nagging him for months lol, have a nice day xxx
    14. MADCAT
      Aww bet he his getting big now, Is Shayla on her holidays? xxx
    15. dobermum
      pmsl girl - I SO woulda ate those ribs ya know! God, I would just luuurve to ride on the backovabike letting my hair swirl all round my face, but knowin' my luck, the driver would be MR BEAN!... pmsl. Good on ya that you enjoyed BBQ at friends' place. I so wish I was there too! Just stick somea that deeelissh food through the cyberpost and I will savour it when it gets here lol. I could also murder an onion loaf if yev any goin' spare? pmsl :D Take care, and TTYS! x
    16. MADCAT
      That doesnt sound fun oh dear, Try have a relax later ready for work tomorrow, how are your girls and Aiden? xxx
    17. kittykat
      sorry got caught in a game Lol then I got booted!
      Oh god Holly has never been one to go out after school - at weekends etc! drives me nuts hahaha I keep telling her to go OUT! Lol
      Wow u must have a noisy fan then! hehe
      well Julie as usual I am running late, poor Holly Lol might be back on FB in a lil while or might take a nap Lol
      take care and hope u get some rest :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    18. dobermum
      Hey there Mrs! How's ya? Thanks for yer message. Hope yer more 'refreshed' after working all those hours, 'n' wot a bummer huh, that ye missed out on the o/h smoked ribs! Ye know ye shoulda called me 'n' I woulda took the cyberjet right on ova to take ya place n eat them for ya! :D All is well here, but


      it's pissin' down here so amma takin the day off! Doing SFA!! In jj's and jus chillin' is me. Got boat booked to go home, yeee bloody haaaah, n lookin' 4wd to gettin' some reaaaalll fooood *Homer Simpson voice* . Yeah, it's nice here, but nowhere like home! Probably will be rainin' in Scotland too at some point, but I loooove it! Best wishes to you and all, and so jelllussss that yas are goin' out on the m/b's!
      Happy zooming! xox D
    19. MADCAT
      They have been busy so cant work on it all the time and with OH going away there was still labouring that he needed to do once these 2 walls are up then it will just be paving left to do. Does seem to be taking forever lol
      Do you have anything planned for today? xxx
    20. kittykat
      wow thats terrible they dont pay u for that!
      Yeah its so quiet here, I bet U cant imagine that now can you? Lol It does feel wierd being here alone tho! It looks like its just a days work so I cant complain TOO much! ;)
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    Colorado /United States
    A Cashier at a neiborhood convenience store.
    I am a laid back, very friendly person. I have been married for 12 yrs., but we have been together for 18. I have two girls, ages 17 and 12. I also have a 4yr. old Springer Spaniel named Rebel and a 7 yr. old black cat name Oreo. I have a couple of fish tanks as well.

    I love going on motorcycle rides with my husband, love the mountains, love my pets, love my girls. I also enjoy a little needle work from time to time, though I have yet to finish anything I have started. I watch a little TV, always on the computer, love music, mostly rock.


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