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Aug 13, 2016
Sep 10, 2010
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Aug 13, 2016
    1. Indiandpuppy
      Hi can't get on ebay at the moment, do you still sell those t-shirts? and how much do they cost
    2. ballybee
      Allo, happy birthday to the little madam :) I think I'm right in saying it's today anyway? Hope she's being spoilt!!! X
    3. Reverie
      So, so sorry to hear about Grizzler. :( He was such a lovely boy. xxx
    4. Quinzell
      Hi hun....just thought I would check in and see how you all are doing xxx
    5. SixStar
      That's good news - onwards and upwards hopefully x
    6. SixStar
      Hi Gemma, just wondering how your boy is getting on? x
    7. Micky93
      Thank you for the rep back in december - I've only just learnt how to view it. Oops! Sorry, and thank you again! :D
    8. Mad4Muttz
      Hi I am on a waiting list for a cockapoo for 2014 litter:), wasn't quite ready this year after what happened with Toby
    9. moonviolet
      Thanks for the rep :) Fun game :)
    10. sailor
      Thank you very much xXx
    11. HandsomeHound
      Please don't worry Gemma, a year later, it's easier to talk about him, and remember all the good times, not the final few days of his life. Fingers crossed your biopsy results will be fine. Another lady I know who has an OES, had been through the same with one of hers, and he was absolutely fine. xx
    12. emmaviolet
      Aw thats alright. I know the feeling of the waiting, awful.
      Hugs to grizz and little zelda too. Xx
    13. emmaviolet
      Just wanted to give you my best for grizz's results.

      I know you must be a bag of nerves waiting so just thought i'd say thinking of you. xxx
    14. HandsomeHound
      Hi Catseyes, unfortunately, I don't have my lovely boy anymore. He was almost 12 when he died last August. A horrible oral tumour popped up in his mouth, literally overnight, and we took him straight to the vet, who did a biopsy. The next day he went into heart failure as a result of the anaesthetic, so we had to make the heartbreaking decision to have him put to sleep immediately as there was nothing they could do, and we couldn't let him suffer. The biopsy result came back a few days later, and showed it was an extremely aggressive, invasive tumour, so we'd have had to make the decision then. It was a really awful time and we haven't go another dog yet, although we're hoping to rehome another in January. Harry was our third OES, and they were all quite different, but shared the same sheepdog characteristic. I just love them, and can't wait to get another one. x
    15. Reverie
      I think she is pushing boundaries as you say, she can be a stubborn little bugger with her selective hearing, haha. We have had a couple of really good days with her so my faith has been restored a bit, and I got her a long line for when the park we go to is busy. Buffy's not tooo bad with biting. If we're petting her and she thinks it's playtime she will sometimes nip but it's not too hard. She also has a trouser/shoe biting problem when she gets frustrated on lead. I'm sure Zelda will grow out of it, she is teething at the moment isn't she? That might be making it worse.
    16. nospinnaker
      Thank you for your support for Bailey's thread. Who on Earth is this guy? What have I done wrong? Stupid? Incapable of research? - do we have button for dealing with this sort of thing?
    17. Coffee
      Oh no, no need to apologise... my fault entirely for not keeping an eye on my own thread! ;)
    18. Reverie
      Hey! Sorry, having a major busy week! Nightmare walk today! Which was horrible because my OH's parents were with us and his mum doesn't like dogs and this was their first time meeting Buffy. >.< She was so badly behaved, she completely forgot her recall a bunch of times and on the way home she wouldn't stop whining and barking and yelping. Ugh, bad bad day! Good job she's cute :p
    19. Coffee
      Hi, I've just seen your post on my thread about the raincoat I have for sale - I'm so sorry, I didn't notice your reply until now :( Are you still interested in the measurements?I understand if you're not now, if you've found something else elsewhere! :)
    20. Reverie
      We have basically puppy proofed the kitchen so when we go out we leave her in there where she can't destroy anything, haha. I understand why you would want to give Grizz a break though! When dogs come up to Buffy in the park they usually have had enough after about 30 seconds :D We'll have to do some work with 'swapping' toys etc for better stuff anyway because she tends to pick stuff up on walks and then do the whole 'bet you can't catch me!' thing, lol! Well I read that you were supposed to give 5 mins of lead walking for every month so she only gets one walk a day at the moment, but sometimes they last about an hour or so when we go to a park and she's still hyper when we get back. I think she could go on forever!
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