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cats galore
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Apr 13, 2020
Jul 17, 2012
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Mar 21, 1971 (Age: 49)
mother, carer and slave to lots of animals xx

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cats galore

PetForums VIP, 49, from wolverhampton

cats galore was last seen:
Apr 13, 2020
    1. merlin12
      Thanks, I just wish someone would come forward :)
    2. vivien
      Ok I will look out for it either that or I will get CCs address and send her a tender check if you can't I know it's not much but a little goes a long way.
    3. we love bsh's
      we love bsh's
      your welcome.x
    4. we love bsh's
      we love bsh's
      Lol hes/shes whoever it is is a right joke..crazy.
    5. cats galore
      cats galore
      i'm just doing it actually. was looking for the full user names of the other two but it appears georgiepixie or whatever is banned already.
    6. dougal22
      Report and delete the message you don't like CG :D
    7. Toby Tyler
      Toby Tyler
      That's okay, we know you are a good person and Neil/GP and her lot are nothing but a bunch of lying disgusting trolls.
    8. Vikki1985
      Thank you, I'll need help as I'm a worrier :-/
    9. Jiskefet
      I used the one of Evie in the cat run.
      She symbolizes the 'prison' in the original game
    10. Jiskefet
      I used one of your pictures for the PF cat board game. Is that OK with you?
    11. cats galore
      cats galore
      you use 1/2 cup of warm water with 1/8 teaspoon of Epsom salts and soak his feet 2 to 3 times daily. you can do that even without putting any of the ointment on. so you can start that straight away if you wish.
      i make the tunnels to order so you simply choose the fabric that you like and i make them - i don't actually list any of them on ebay. i've got some new fabrics too that i will be listing when the present listing ends. thankyou so much for your kind offer of the donation but i feel really cheeky having anything. i'm not used to such kind offers lol
    12. ewelsh
      Hi Sally

      I have order some ointment, but from another company as I do not have a pay pal account nor wish to, but the read up does sound very promising.. I have the Epsom salts, so how much do I use?
      I have had a look at your e bay site, wow clever you! I do have snuggle beds but not tunnels, let me know when you will have some tunnels on ebay.
      Can you send me your address by PM obviously, I would like to donate something towards your work for those little squeaky babies.

      Emma x
    13. ewelsh
      WOW I have just read this, I will order tomorrow, and contribute towards your eBay fund. 1000 thank you's for this info, it does trouble me so and know he must be in so much pain. Would you mind very much if needs be that I ask any other question should they arise?

      kindest regards and thanks

    14. ewelsh
      Coriander! well well, my boys are addicted to Parsley but only Tesco Parsley don't ask me why, I have to make a special trip just for them.. I will try coriander thanks.
      Boris & Dylan have hay galore only Welsh hay!, a carrot pear & apple pieces every day big bag of parsley and dried food but only eat Gerties! so fussy.

      Maybe I can pick your brains, Boris has had a problem with Bumblefoot for over a year on and off, his hutch was hand made and has carpet to all the ramps, they have vetbed and fleeces so nothing ruff, I have baytril regularly from the vets but I can never clear the problem up, any tips? It must be so painful for him.
    15. ewelsh
      Isn't that strange, Dylan is blind and the bossy one, yet poor Boris manly bits were seen too! I find they actually cost more than the cats or dogs! I have read that they like rose leaves, is this true?
    16. ewelsh
      You have such sweet fur babies.. dogs cats and Guinea pigs.. I took on 2 guinea pigs one of them is blind, Boris & Dylan who are brothers, now 7 yrs old and I adore them..
    17. tigerboo
      Thank you for the rep.
    18. MoggyBaby
      Thank you very much for my rep. That was most kind of you. :)
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    Mar 21, 1971 (Age: 49)
    mother, carer and slave to lots of animals xx
    Founder of The ARC - The Ashmore Rescue for Cats


    saving ONE animal won't change the world, but it will change the world for that ONE animal




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