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Cats cats cats
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Feb 26, 2020 at 11:28 AM
Feb 4, 2011
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Cats cats cats

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Cats cats cats was last seen:
Feb 26, 2020 at 11:28 AM
    1. petszoo
      hi,glad to see your profile
    2. welshjet
      Hope your ok this morning xxx
    3. TwoRascals
      Hiya...i think i just posted on my page by mistake....just wondering how the visit went today.....i can email you with all the info you need if you're still looking to re-home moo moo.
    4. Cats cats cats
      Cats cats cats
      Aww thanks :-) She's beautiful isn't she :-) I'm so sad to have to let her go but i know it's for the best . Yes why not tell me all about yourself , do you have kids ? Do you keep your cats indoors etc etc ... If you'd prefer to email ..... [email protected] . Thanks, Val x
    5. TwoRascals
      looking at more pics of moo moo...I'm definitely in love :) I know you have someone coming to see her on Sat, but if you want to know any more about me or have any questions, you can contact me at [email protected]
    6. Cats cats cats
      Cats cats cats
      Hi :-) thanks again , Val x
    7. TwoRascals
      Hi Val,

      thanks, look forward to hearing from you.

      Kind regards
    8. TwoRascals
      Hi there,

      I'm not sure if you've found a home for moo moo yet but I would be very interested in adopting moo moo. I have 2 young kittens of 6 months, they are very docile & loving and are used to older cats coming to visit them, they are definitely not bullies. We live in Leicestershire, hopefully that's not too far.

      Kind regards
    9. Cats cats cats
      Cats cats cats
      Hi :-) Yes i did thanks, sorry for the delay ! how are things ? xx
    10. jenny armour
      jenny armour
      hi val,
      did you get my cheque?
    11. jenny armour
      jenny armour
      have a look on photo gallery i want piccies of your bunch of wegies
      love jenny x
    12. MoggyBaby
      Did you see the little treat that I put on my 'Copy Cat' thread just for you as a thank you for your kind comment??

      I think you will like...... ;)

    13. Cats cats cats
      Cats cats cats
      Hi :-) no .......on my way !!!!
    14. jenny armour
      jenny armour
      hi val
      have you looked in the photo gallery section today?
      love jenny x
    15. Skippy75
      Hi, yes we do, would you like to email me about it on [email protected] I can answer any questions you might have then. I can give you photos, but its mostly mysterious looking things in bags and boxes so they arnt very exciting to see, though of course your welcome to.

      Thanks very much, nick
    16. Cats cats cats
      Cats cats cats
      Haaaaaaaaah no worries !!! :->
    17. Superash
      . I am totally sorry for sending that pm last nite i read it wrong and thought you were sending it to me and i didn't realise it was on old post of mine i am so so sorry. Ash
    18. Superash
      . What you goin on about you stupid bitch???! I was replyin to someone who thought their oh had diabetes not lookin for sympathy i dont even know what you are on about you moron
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