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Aug 21, 2013
Oct 12, 2009
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Aug 21, 2013
    1. georgiesharp
      hi there you wanted to find out where i got cats from. I got them from Clare and Nigel in Sheffield Akecheta they are called. I was only getting one but as there were only 2 in litter they talked me into keeping them together which i wish i hadnt as now they dont get on. They both love the dog i have though. She is an elderly cocker spaniel. Where did you get yours from?
    2. Kiwi
      Hi Catlover2! Unfortunately TellingTails is not around at the moment to help with your grooming question but I've left her a VM with the link so she can post on it later x
    3. Catlover2
      I think Dylan has moved to the second page of the rehoming section - no one has replied yet.
    4. Paddypaws
      I guess that OH and son are not getting the essential fact that cats are contrary buggers and we are merely their slaves! One of mine was always unfriendly and certainly had a couple of temporary homes elsewhere with elderly neighbours, well she has changed dramatically over the last few years ( Feliway plug in seemed to do it! ) and is now quite a cuddly cat. Thomas has obviously always been an odd character to have ended up homeless in the first place, of course he does not consider how lucky he is to be taken in by you. The wierd thing is that there is a special satisfaction when the difficult ones gives us something back...surely that is the challenge of a cat?
      As for the rescue raggie...which one is he, can't see the one you mean. Hey, why not! If you have the space and the means, go for it!
    5. Paddypaws
      Oh I am really sorry to hear that it has not worked out so well with Thomas, he does sound to be a 'difficult' cat. I can't think of anything to suggest to help, I know you are a very experienced cat owner so will have tried all the usual tricks in the book, Feliway, Rescue remedy etc!
      I don't honestly know what I would do in the circumstances, as you rightly say..he would be hard to re-home elsewhere by the sounds of things.
      Maybe come the colder weather he will appreciate his 'board and lodgings' a bit more.
      Keep us posted,
      Kind Regards,
    6. Paddypaws
      Hi Petal!
      Just checking on your album to see how Thomas is looking. Is that smoke cat REALLY that big or is your fella really tiny??
      I know you feed raw...I have just bought a Kenwood grinder and it is fantastic..handles bones really easily. Thought your OH might want to retry his buther's skills!
    7. hobbs2004
      Gosh, you still haven't got your money back for the outstanding food? That is bad! I know that there is a lot to consider when one winds down a business but it wasn't as though that happened within a day and they really should have thought about what to do with customers that have paid and not received their full order! I mean really....
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    R.I.P. Darling Jackson 11/7/09 - 15/1/10 :(
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