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Apr 6, 2015
Jul 22, 2009
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blanny :) x

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PetForums VIP, from blanny :) x

Cassies-mum was last seen:
Apr 6, 2015
    1. ForestWomble
      Thank you for the rep :)
    2. Blackcats
      Oh no, hun. I don't know what to say. Only I'm here for you if you just want to chat or whatever. I'm very sorry to hear such terrible news and offer my condolences and many hugs to you and your family.xxxxx
    3. Summersky
      There is no easy way to get through. All you can do is support each other, and take one day at a time. XX
    4. Summersky
      Oh my. That is horrendous. Absolutely horrendous. I am so so sorry. I hope you are looking after yourself. I can't imagine how terrible it must have been/still be for you. Stay strong. XX
    5. Summersky
      Hi there! How is it all going with you?
    6. Summersky
      Hi there. Haven't seen you on here recently. Just wanted to check that you and yours are OK. XX
    7. Blackcats
      You've been really quiet. I hope everything is okay.
    8. blade100
      Thanks for the rep steph xx
    9. ScruffyCat
      Your very welcome sweet. Pm me anytime if you want to talk about it. Thank you for the blob too xx
    10. Kchip
      Thank you for the rep xxx
    11. rose
      Thanks for the rep, only just seen it ! X
    12. Blackcats
      That's good. :) Oh, no, I can't do that as I always see something I really want and then when I have the money what I want is usually no longer available or there is nothing I fancy. When I have no money, I see a dozens things I could buy, haha. Sods law as they call it.xxx
    13. Blackcats
      Oh, not long then. Who are you having as your birthing partner? Has it been fun buying things?x
    14. Blackcats
      That's great to hear. How far are you now? And the girls are good thanks. Fidget tried to scram me in the face the other day so we're not on good terms with each other. She's been naughty and I'm letting her know it won't be tolerated, haha.x
    15. Blackcats
      Hello hun. I'm really good thanks. How are you and bump doing?x
    16. ForeverHome
      I've told you a million times not to exaggerate xx
    17. ForeverHome
      More hugs then! They're free, unlimited and one size fits all xx
    18. ForeverHome
      Hugs - just hugs :) x
    19. ForeverHome
      Thank you for rep you are special and precious and about to become the whole world to a new life ... be a happy one xx
    20. moggiemum
      so sorry you having problems with x , dont let it get you down youv'e done nothing wrong but please be careful if there is any chance he could be violent , always make sure someone knows where you are and what time you ll be back and be contactable at all times , jealousy can make people weird , enjoy your pregnancy and dont let him upset you xxx
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    blanny :) x
    I am me... I am not changing myself for anyone
    so if you dont like me, if you could piss off, that would be lovely :) :)


    Steph xxx
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