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May 10, 2018
Nov 2, 2007
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north london
licenced dog boarder & walker

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PetForums VIP, from north london

carol was last seen:
May 10, 2018
    1. 3 red dogs
      3 red dogs
      lmao carol, oh i know that feeling so well, all the pics we got are of bums and blurs!
    2. 3 red dogs
      3 red dogs
      aww you got pics???
    3. 3 red dogs
      3 red dogs
      Aww Carol, your spotty dog is soo gorge!!! wat a sweetie.
    4. steve jude
      steve jude
      hi carol thanks for viewing my recent entry nice to see you have dalmations my leo plays with one most days non his morning walk boy they are energetic even more so than labs which I have had in the past black and golden ( I prefer blacks ) when leo was a 12 week old pup I had two labs both in their later years and murphy the black male lab was blind and leo the mastiff now 4 years old picked up so many personality traits up from murphy. arn,t dogs great. regards steve jude
    5. diggerlady
      you have 6? and you did have 7? you must have the patience of a saint! my older boy, beano is 2 1/2 but i didnt get him till he was 11 months. hed been tied in a garden for most of his life and he was a walking skeleton. it tooka few months to get the weight on him and i thought this was why he was greedy , cos hed been starved but since i got my younger boy, pie, 4 months , ive realised that its a trait of dals. they even make my labs seem like modest eaters! just tonight beano has got in the frying pan and flicked oil all over himself and the kitchen floor lol bye for now . sarah
    6. diggerlady
      dont know if ive added you as a friend correctly! ``i'll get the hang of this in a few years! nice to meet you!
    7. diggerlady
      hi there...Ive been looking at the pics of your Dallies...lovely. I have 2 males they are 2 1/2 and 4 mths. how long have you had yours? They are wonderful dogs aren't they? very intelligent and don't seem to forget ANYTHING especially where they found food! I'd love to hear of your experience of them as I hardly ever meet Dally owners.
    8. Ladywiccana
      pmsl i'll send ozzie over then lmao :D:D
    9. Ladywiccana
      It took me a while lol. Mind you it has been very slow alltogether on the forum lately, and i'll be off to watch me soaps in a bit and av me tea!
      Hope you and yours are well.
    10. Ladywiccana
      Ahhhh lol i like your way of thinking hehe
    11. Ladywiccana
      Does your meaty sig lol have any hidden meaning behind it or are ya just winding up the veggies pmsl :D
    12. Ladywiccana
      Why thank you lol I think everyone now knows i am a huge johnny depp fan pmsl especially pirates hehe :D
    13. SazzyB
      love the signiture
    14. Fade to Grey
      Fade to Grey
      i like your signiture mum!
    15. carol
      yeap and you did notice the person
    16. Selk67U2
      Thanks Carol:D
    17. rottiesloveragdolls
    18. Fade to Grey
      Fade to Grey
      ITS MY SIGNITURE, i posted on the bar one :D
    19. Fade to Grey
      Fade to Grey
      look at my sig:D:D
    20. gillieworm
      Hi Carol, did you have a good holiday?

      Seems like dalhq has definitely died a death, suppose thats whats happens when 15 year old boys get bored lol

      Gill x
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    north london
    licenced dog boarder & walker
    i love to chat,friendly, help anyone out animals had so meny over the years of all different type's

    animals,walking,gardening,music,reading,most things really


    Stryder the Utonagan


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