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May 10, 2018
Nov 2, 2007
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north london
licenced dog boarder & walker

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PetForums VIP, from north london

carol was last seen:
May 10, 2018
    1. Ladywiccana
      Not more spotted doggies? PMSL :D :D so long as all are happy thats the main thingxxxxx
    2. u-look-like-a-hamster
    3. gillieworm
      Hi Carol, just a quicky. Do you use the furminator on your dals? If so is it worth it? I know its excellent for most breeds but not sure if it is worth it for a dallie coat?
    4. Pollyanna580
      Hi, well just passing through and thought we would say hello its so windy here today i have to keep checking the washing is still there, Polly xx
    5. King dog
      King dog
      just to let you know you are a very very nice person:D:D
    6. Pollyanna580
      Hi again, yes domino was a lemon little boy, he was sold as a liver spot, and we kept waiting for his spots to turn darker and they never did, but we didnt mind, he was so handsome and had the sweetest nature too. The dallie pups are just so sweet, had both Ben and Dom from pups, the rest of the gang are all rescues. Thank you for adding me as a friend. Have a lovley weekend. Polly xxxxxx
    7. Pollyanna580
      Hello, i've just been looking at your dogs, they're all gorgeous. Polly xx
    8. candysmum
      Yeah she was sat next to me on the sofa just now while my son was reading his book and one was pelting my hand. its gonna be a chewer that one!
    9. candysmum
      i'm getting impatient now i want to know how many what sexs and and oh i just want them here now 63 days is just WAY too long
    10. Fade to Grey
      Fade to Grey
      check your emails, i dont wanna fail media!
    11. jilly40
      thanks for accepting hun x
    12. Katie&Cody
      There is a link in the section Forum help 'name Smilies'
      You had a good day?
    13. Katie&Cody
    14. gillieworm
      They are really good thanks. Logan passed his Kennel Club gold test a couple of weeks ago, and Piper is a complete superstar with obediance and passed her Bronze & Silver in the same week at 7 months old. Haven't really had much chance to gold train her until Logan passed his class but we are full steam ahead now so hopefully she won't be long off passing gold, I then want to do competitive obediance with her because she's a natural. I'm looking into starting agility with Logan because the phrase square peg, round hole come to mind with Logan and obediance lol.

      Been trying to talk my OH into getting spot number 3 but he's havng none of it this time lol
    15. gillieworm
      Hi Carol, how are you? Not seen you on here for ages, I must always come on at a time your dont. Hope your spots are all OK :D Bet Merlin is huge, I can't believe my pup is 9 months old now, where does the time go!
    16. andrea 35
      andrea 35
      Hi carol , i made a reall boo boo and sent carol v this message first lol im being blonde today , Anyway the reason for getting in touch , ive seen Many Tears Rescue have a 10 month old Utanogon in there kennels up for rehoming he is a long haired type , lovely looking , so i was wondering if maybe as this a little known breed that someone from your breed club might be better to adopt him or foster him till an apropriate home can be found , just thought i would give you the head up . Hope your well .
    17. Katie&Cody
      I looovvee bordie Collies they are so cute...
      Afraid I have never heard of utonagan breed :(
      Sure I am missing out.
      Hope you had a nice day today :-)
      Kate xxx
    18. Katie&Cody
      Thx Hunny.
      Yours is also good, is it a dolmation you have?
    19. Katie&Cody
      Didn't realise I wasn't a friend, oops. Just added you hunny. xxx
    20. devilsofdarkness
      ty hun for the links..i am actually members of all the sites u mentioned but sadly dosent seem to be much about at the mo...have to keep looking!! lol
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    north london
    licenced dog boarder & walker
    i love to chat,friendly, help anyone out animals had so meny over the years of all different type's

    animals,walking,gardening,music,reading,most things really


    Stryder the Utonagan


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