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Sep 28, 2020
Feb 11, 2011
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Just outside Oxford

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PetForums VIP, from Just outside Oxford

Nope, it was metachlopromide. Thankfully didn't make her very squitty but it did for her mum! Aug 7, 2015

carly87 was last seen:
Sep 28, 2020
    1. Franlow
      Hi Carly,
      I just read that you make the screen covers like the flat cat ones. Is that still the case & if so, can you let me know as I def need some & one for my front door would be fabulous in this weather too!
    2. cheekyscrip
      Just to say thank you for all the help with Garfield. Maybe one day I can have the cat I choose. But possibly another cat with desperate need to find him will be my fate. Best wishes to you and yours.
    3. Cazami Cat exercise wheel
      Cazami Cat exercise wheel
      HI, you need to correct the libelous post you wrote about my cat wheel please carly87, wrong cat wheel!!
    4. carly87
      Nope, it was metachlopromide. Thankfully didn't make her very squitty but it did for her mum!
    5. bobsparkle
      Hi Carly, Id love to give you a call sometime, could you let me know what time tomorrow maybe I could give you a call. I'll be taking strider the vet tomorrow too, but Id appreciate if I could talk to you some time when your free. Thank you
    6. Paddypaws
      Hi Carly, I hope you are well. I just saw a post on FB to Rushden Persian rescue from a woman who rescued a blind persian and is having some issues. I suggested she joined up here and asked your advice.
      I hope to read your wise advice soon! Kind Regards, Claire
    7. Jannor
      Just noticed your website link and had a look - I'm in love with Apache!
    8. Kcabrera3
      HI, I haven't got the name and the address of the person I am buying the secret santa for. Can you please sent me the address by email or Privet message.
    9. Indiandpuppy
      Hi, I cannot currently access my email so can you confirm via pm who I am buying for on Baggies behalf for the secret santa, so I can go shopping x
    10. Mirx3
      I hope you do not mind, I thought I would give you a hand today and started the likes/dislikes thread so that it is waiting once the names are drawn to ensure everyone has seen it/post in it. :)
    11. catcoonz
      carly, your pm box is full
    12. Zoooooni
      Hi sorry I am new to the forum . Can you send again sorry I might have deleted it by mistake while trying to read the messages . Thanks and sorry for trouble . Looking forward to hear from you .regatds Zunaira
    13. Zoooooni
      Hi Carly did you get my message ? Regards Zunaira
    14. Zoooooni
      Hi Carly , I have messaged you on ur email . Hope you can reply . Regards Zunaira
    15. moggiemum
      have a lovely time in ireland carly , not sure what part your going to but my family's in Derry and they had snow yesterday, hope the weather 's not too bad for where you are going xx
    16. ellsbells0123
      Hi, hope your well.
      Are you collecting the pen numbers for the supreme C/C?
      If you are can i have them please so i can pop along and say hi to all.
      Thanks :)
    17. carly87
      Hi there. If you PM me, I'll go through it all with you.
    18. ellsbells0123
      Hi Carly, hope your hand is better.
      How many days prior to the show shall I talc and chalk Chester?
      Hope you don't mind me asking.
    19. kellypersian
      Hi carly! is there anyway you could check for me im a bit worried now they were called purrfect persians in stoke on trent in staffordshire
    20. outsider
      Sorry, I am not entirely sure that this is the place for private message to carly87. I can see just the option of visitor message and not private message? What can be wrong? She asked me to give info in connection with a reseller and as it can hurt rights (I am afraid, not sure), I rahter do it private. Could you help me please how to give this info to her? Thank you.
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    Home Page:
    Just outside Oxford
    I'm a person. No really, I am! I live just a few miles outside Oxford with my family of cats which consists of 5 at the moment. However, I breed Persians, so once kitten season starts, that number will grow. I'm a novice breeder setting out to produce colourpoints and possibly selfs as well. I show as regularly as possible, but with a full-time NHS job where you work about twice the hours you're paid for, I don't have the time to show nearly as often as I'd like. I am registered with the GCCF. Not to turn this into an ad for kittens, but if you're wanting bomb-proof little Persians, I'm your gal! I'm afraid I like to ask a lot of questions. Picture me as the small kid who's always asking why, and you'll have my measure. You have been warned!

    Cats (obviously), walking, reading (can't get enough of books), Kung fu, cooking, the list goes on.


    Moonspun Cats
    Breeders of Himalayan and Persian Fluffmonsters.
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