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Jan 22, 2019
Jun 10, 2009
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south wales
dog groomer

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PetForums Senior, from south wales

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Jan 22, 2019
    1. hannahg
      How lovely your pups all look, you must be very proud! How is Tia?x
    2. lianne86
      hey !! hope your well hun i have new pics of kya and loki on my profile:) xxxx
    3. Allana
      Oh and his weight was 1.65k tonight, he was 1.53kg last Friday. So seems to be doing well. He has defo got taller! X
    4. Allana
      Lol thanks! I totally agree! Oh and our new vet is amazing! Well for the first visit and first impressions he was great! Totally interested in Badger and the breed and never guess what he used to be Janet's vet when she was establishing the skiperkes (sp) he's not old tho mid to late 30's. Really nice, what a vet should be like! I'm so happy with them. X
    5. ndowell
      Hello love!!! Well what a mad couple of weeks we've had here. But all is well. Sorry I've not contacted you to update for so long. Hope you and yours are well. Kasper is doing wonderfully. He was 4.2 kgs on friday when he went for his final jab and chip. He didn't like the chip at all (neither did I, poor baby). He has been having a whale of a time in my mum's big garden, he got filthy yesterday and had to have a bath! Getting there with house training and much much better at night, not too much drama when we put him away at night but the mornings he's still crying and going insane when we come down!! Hope he grows out of that one. Been trying to get him used to the lead so we can start going on little walks but it's not going down very well, he just does't seem to get it at all. Will keep at it though. xxxx
    6. Allana

      Vote Badger!! :o
    7. Allana
      Badger has been at work with me this afternoon and he has been great! Just lay under my desk at my feet and played with his Kong and his chew, he is now curled up fast asleep. He is loving meeting all the new people and everyone we meet wants to steal him! x
    8. Allana
      Hey how are you? Spoke to archielee tonight about the stupid vet, I was still so mad! Badger is a wee bit quiet today but think it's because of his jags, poor wee thing. He is entered in the cute doggy comp on here for the poundies website. I've already cast my vote!:D
    9. Tanya1989
      I rang her about 1pm i think whe I got online. She told me... Is all well now? What breed?
    10. Allana
      Yeah I told him that but he was just one of them that he knows best, yip will be moving to a different vets. We are having great fun, had him up at shaun's sisters farm and took his bike and badger was just following him around the yard. Was really funny. I had him up the town the other day with my mum and gran and I must have said Alaskan Klee kai about 50 times lol. He's such a good boy, takes everything in. I think he's toughing up a little bit too. Lol. How has tia been now all the pups are away? X
    11. Allana
      Aw he's been great, he's shaun's best pal! Lol they totally love each other, I'm left out! Ha ha. He's so funny, he is getting so good at night but he is hilarious in the morning the noises he makes. We were away at the vets today getting his 2nd jags, i wasn't to keen on the vet tho, he was going on that he couldn't feel his little testicles and kept going on about it! And other stuff , he just peed me off cause he obviously knows nothing about the breed and was just being an arse! We felt his little balls when we got home!! Anyway apart from that badger was really good getting his jags, never even cried! X
    12. Allana
      Hey how are you? I've put some pictures on my thread and made a little album too for you to see x
    13. crazybones
      we are fine lianne was so mad at me for not taking pics.........
    14. Allana
      I have been taking loads but can't get them uploaded yet, think I'll have to go down to work one night this week and upload them for you. Oh that him up and he's went and fetched his wee chewy from his crate. He plays fetch with the little mini kong tennis balls too, it's so funny watching him walk around with it in his mouth x
    15. Allana
      Aw then all the babies will be in their new homes! I now see how much hard work it must have been with the 3 of them!! He's been sleeping loads! But we think it's just all the excitment, and he loves the garden. He loves the crispy leaves the best. He's currently lying on the floor beside us on the couch. Shaun wants to play but badger wants to sleep! Aw I'll be thinking of you tomorrow :( x
    16. Allana
      He was good, eventually! Lol we brought the crate upstairs and put him in it but he went crazy! So we moved it back downstairs into the porch. We left it open and left him there, we heard him for a little while but he settled down quite quick. When we got up we took him out for a pee and he was great. He's also pee'd and poo'd outside as well. He's not had any accidents! I'm really impressed!! He is very vocal when excited it's so funny. He keeps trying to hump shaun too!! Ha ha. X x
    17. Rosiebear
      Hi have all the pups gone now? did you keep one after? how all is ok x
    18. ndowell
      Hi lovely. Hope you're back online. I have set up a new album, check him out!!
    19. crazybones
      thanks for having me over the other night we got so bloody carried away chatting i forgot to take pics and my lianne is in a right mood with me lol
    20. crazybones
      hello im bk in risca im stayin in cwbran how would be the best to come over to see u? As i dont drive train or bus?
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    south wales
    dog groomer
    i am 26 with 2 children 2 dogs and a bunny called billy i have been with my other half carl for 8 years.

    my intrests are my beautiful dogs tia alaskan klee kai and teddy bear japanises spitz. my other hobby is talking to my wonderful friends on this forum.
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