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Jan 22, 2019
Jun 10, 2009
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south wales
dog groomer

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PetForums Senior, from south wales

carebear was last seen:
Jan 22, 2019
    1. Bryxy
      Wow you must be overwhelmed with all those PMs, sorry to add to it but if you've got time I'd like to talk about the Alaskan Klee Kai and breeders. Email is tasha_hands@live.co.uk
    2. anna64
      Hiya carebear my email is Ta43@hotmail.co.uk ann64
    3. danielneil

      I saw a post saying that you know some breeders in the uk for Klee Kai puppies? myself and my partner have been looking for a year for a reliable breeder and had no luck. if you could pass my details on or give me their details that would be great.

      My email is danielneiltss@hotmail.co.uk.

      Thank you for your help

      Daniel Neil
    4. hannahrose
      hi, i have been looking for an akk for absolutely ages! and i saw you knew quite a few breeders of these amazing dogs! would you be able to give me their details? thank you! my email is hannah-rose-gallagher@hotmail.com thank you so much! i have a big house with a big garden for it to run around in - preferably a toy or minature but i'm not fussed! thanks hannah!
    5. Beckybop
      Hi there,

      I saw an old post saying you knew some akk breeders... Would you be able to give me their details? My email is rebecca.pooley@student.manchester.ac.uk
      Im looking for a standard size.
      I have a house with garden and lots of time and love to give.

      Thanks for any help!
    6. Joannejones
      Hello, I live in Liverpool and have been searching everywhere for these beautiful dogs! I recently saw a post saying you know some breeders in the uk? I would really appreciate it if you could get back to me on contacting some of them. Thank you :)
    7. Kevvys
      I live in sittingbourne Kent carebear. How much roughly do u sell the cute little pups for? Where are u located?
    8. Kevvys
      Thanks for the info carebear but im not on Facebook anymore. When ate u expecting ur next litter? Also how much do u sell them for? I love the breed as I wanted a husky but they grow so big and really only want a small cute dog.
    9. charlottemuir
      Hi Carebear, im desperately trying to find an Alaskan Klee Kai puppy for my ymy sons birthday in Febuary, but so far with no success. My contact number is 07511748060 if you could forward my number to any breeders you know it would be a massive help. Many thanks. Charlotte Muir
    10. missavis
      Hi I'm trying to work out how to pm you but can't find that option. Will be in touch once I've worked it out! (new to this site!)
    11. missavis
      Hi Carebear - love your beautiful Klee Kai! I saw you write in an earlier post about your Facebook page - hope I've joined the right one! May I ask, if you know of any Klee Kai Breeders I may contact or pass me details to please? Thanks so much in advance.
    12. Cristian
      Hi there! I have just seen your message. Where can I find the facebook group? I will give it a search anyway. It would be lovely if you could help :) I have spoken to Andrew and Janet Holland from the UK klee kai website saying they may have a litter soon but that would be too soon I believe, I am looking more for april-ish next year.

      But anyway, yes... the facebook group :)
    13. SpringerHusky
    14. SpringerHusky
      I was looking for a breeder of reds that's not TOO far away from colorado. A good breeder of course <3
    15. ndowell
      Hello love! Hope you have had a lovely Christmas & New Year. Pleased to say, I'm back!Things are much much better here and Kasper is a very happy bunny indeed. Which means Tom and I are too :D I'm sure you've seen the beautiful pictures Tapir has been taking while she babysits her nephew in the week days. Doesn't he look beautiful, he is the most gorgeous thing I have ever known. Standing about 15/16" now I reckon and fingers crossed he will stop now lol. Any news on the papers yet? Hope you are all well your end and Happy New Year! Nic and Kasper xxxxx
    16. boojade
      Merry Christmas x
    17. Tapir
    18. Tapir
      no worries :) i have him all week so lot's of piccies!
      Ooh you mean you are doing the calendars with pics of the AKKs in? I best get my treats out to make him sit and look elegant! Not easy with a puppy who thinks it's hilarious to roll in clay fields...
      Hope you are well, as well as Tia and Ted. Ready for christmas? I bet the little ones are excited now! xxx
    19. Tapir
    20. archielee
      Thats ok hun... yes we are all good babe... hope your all well
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    south wales
    dog groomer
    i am 26 with 2 children 2 dogs and a bunny called billy i have been with my other half carl for 8 years.

    my intrests are my beautiful dogs tia alaskan klee kai and teddy bear japanises spitz. my other hobby is talking to my wonderful friends on this forum.
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