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Apr 13, 2012
Aug 12, 2009
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Apr 13, 2012
    1. bambam82
      hello, im joining k9 academy too! going to the puppy classes n a few weeks, i like to take my older dog bambam but not sure if at 7 shes too old to introduce her to agility.
    2. sue&harvey
      Hi I have also increased his walks. Im all excited at the mo as he has put himself in the crate for the first time and gone to sleep!!! Ok the door is still open but still an improvement. Will try tomorrow with the door shut. Have you been trying the get your things on, then sit down to confuse. I did it last week, and although not much change he did settle quite quickly after looking over the unit just to check I hadn't snuck out. Also got to the stage of going out, then coming straight back. At first you would think id been out all day, but I ignored him until he had laid down again. The calming time got shorter. Do you think there is any chance of giving the crate another go? I can see that it could help him. He does love his kong although I have been stuffing it too well, he gives up after the first bit! Hope something starts to work for you. Will let you know on the Zykilene. He has only had 2 days so far. :-)
    3. sue&harvey
      Hi just thought id drop a post to see how you are getting on with your dogs seperation anxeiety. We have just started crate training Harvey and the vet also suggested Zykilene, which supplements a component of the mothers milk. Hopefully this will help him. Have you found anything which may help you?
      Hope you are able to put your shoes on without velcro dog soon. :-)
    4. WhiteKatLuva
      Hello! Im WhiteKatLuva, youngest member here, and i love to make new friends!! Here is the petforums, commonly known as PF. To reply to mssgs, just go into that users profile and post a mssg back. The forums have everything, from general chat, chat outside of pets to rainbow bridge, a place where we honor our dead pets. Here you get heaps of advice and everyones really nice! If you want to be friends, just mssg me and if u need help, mssg me! :)
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