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Mar 26, 2021
Jun 25, 2008
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March 26
Southern Alberta, Canada
Seeking justice for my son,attending every trail d

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PetForums VIP, from Southern Alberta, Canada

canuckjill was last seen:
Mar 26, 2021
    1. Daisy the Great Dane
      Daisy the Great Dane
      Can you deactivate my account please
      1. OwO kitty
        OwO kitty
        Mine too
        May 17, 2019
    2. Worrid much
      Worrid much
      Please can you deactivate my account thx
    3. leashedForLife
      quick note:
      a newbie [ qianaih1 ] just posted a series of SPAM - mult sub-forums, formula posts; varied colleges / unis in the header. // No worries if it's not seen till Wed. // Hope this finds U well! - I still work 6 days of 7 [& thankful for the 2nd job], but i've been homeless for over a year, now. :( It's getting stale.
    4. leashedForLife
      I know what U mean abt disliking the new format - it's boring & awkward.
      I miss rep, i miss decent CONTRAST on text vs background, i find beige on white dull, dull, dull.
    5. leashedForLife
      Sad to hear U lost Shade, but 20 is a good run.
      The Pom looks like a little scrapper, LOL. I hope Neva continues to have more good days than bad - pain is tough. // Personally, i've had my hrs cut from 6-nites/5 days to 3 days/3 nites / wk, & i'm struggling. Without food-stamps, i'd be in real trouble.
    6. leashedForLife
    7. Andyreww
      Hi! Having trouble with my photo album.hope it's ok for me to write here! I created it before the site updated to its new look, and now not showing publicly on my profile. When I go to Photos>add photos, when I scroll down to the the bottom it says no albums and no photos. But, if I go to "My Albums" a little further up the page, it takes me to the album in question. Hope that makes sense?Hope you can help, thanks
      1. stevel
        Sep 5, 2015
    8. leashedForLife
      Just got back from a 6-week ban, Lymore-Lyn said i "promoted killing cats".
      My boss will give me only 3-days / wk; she's angry that i applied for unemployment after being laid-off in Dec.
      [My U-I app was in MARCH; by then, i had $10 in my checking-acct.] Poverty sucks.
      1. canuckjill
        Thats crazy of your boss what do they think you grow money to live on a tree? I must have missed your post haven't been on much lately, glad your back though...Jill
        Jul 10, 2015
    9. leashedForLife
      Hate the "new" version, but there's no going back, so we can either deal or quit.
      Nice of Mark to give us a choice, eh? -- :p

      Aside from serious sleep-deprivation, doing better - next pay is on the 22nd.
      Blessedly, my food-stamps were refilled on the 14th - i need GROCERIES.
      - terry
    10. Amandaboxermom
      Hi, I'm new to this. Hopefully you can help. How do I post a question about dog labor in the breeding section. The only place I see to post something is on my page. Any advice would be great. :)
    11. leashedForLife
      Good. :thumbup1: Hope the defender has dreams about U, haunting him.
      Better yet, the killer has nightmares in which he's pursued endlessly by some
      unidentified threat, that won't leave him be; can't shake it, & he can't rest -
      nor escape.
    12. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      i hadn't been on pf for a wee while so just popped along to ask how you and yours are? take care, f.b.l.
    13. leashedForLife
      Merry XmaHanukwanzaaSolstice! - :D

      A favor?... A newbie has posted a New Post abt a "puppy peeing in the house" -
      could U shift the thread to Dog-Training & Behavior? --- I think she'd get better suggs & more specific attn, there.
      Thanks, hun.
      - terry
    14. Whisperserenity
      Thanks for the message, She is a double Merle sheltie luckily only born deaf.
    15. danielled
      Howare you.
    16. MineBB
      Thank you for your message and help, very much appreciated. x
    17. iamafostermummy
      hi im not sure if your a moderator or not I just used a link where someone added it,can you please advice me how a post can be removed by myself that I have done is this is at all possible,if not are you as a moderator able to remove my post thanks xx
    18. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      so glad your not in any pain now, yes, 'teeth' can cost a flaming fortune can't they!!
    19. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      oh golly, i hope 'teeth' weren't too expensive!! how do you feel with them?
    20. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hey you, we are well thanks. my aunt gets her new teeth today, as hospital broke them when administrating air, the hospital are paying for the dentures, isn't that fantastic. glad you are well. had max back down to field today, 3 days in a row, glad i could manage that as i can't always. good to sit lettting me relax and just looking at all the lovely nature thats around us, fantastic.
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    March 26
    Southern Alberta, Canada
    Seeking justice for my son,attending every trail d
    Well I have 2 Rough Collies a Pyrenees and now a Pomeranian puppy.

    Obedience(dog), walking, crocheting,reading, motorcycle riding


    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC](Justice was not served for Lyle)(Value of a Human life by the Canadian Justice system 835 days)
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