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Mar 19, 2015
Oct 8, 2012
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PetForums Member, from Duston, Northampton

CaninoAnimalRescue was last seen:
Mar 19, 2015
    1. Cheryl89
      See you on the 25th babe!!!! XXXXXXXXXXX
    2. welshjet
      Will look for you on fb x

      Good.luck Laren and keep up the good work xxx

      You and the others are stars xxx
    3. sem73
      No probs at all!

      What's the address?

      Sarah :)
    4. sem73
      Hi Lauren,
      Hope you dn't mind me sending you this msg!...I've 60 zylkene tabs (exp 2015) I've no longer use for & would be more than happy to post to you if you'd think they woud be good for your rescue kitties!

      Sarah :)
    5. Cheryl89
      Thank you for taking the girls in hun, was lovely to meet you and your GORGEOUS kittens/cats alike!!! xxxxxxxxx
    6. TheCatSlave
      Hi there,
      would you be able to pick up a cat from Leeds, West Yorkshire please? :)x
    7. catcoonz
      hi, i will sort that out for you, dont worry if your neighbour does have it the postal order cant be cashed as i had it crossed and i can easily void this.... items for daisy can always be resend, i dont mind doing another parcel...your neighbour sounds nasty.
      if i do visit i will want a cat or 2 kittens so you would need to say no firmly.
      ive just rescued a bsh and a persian last night, they was locked in a tiny cupboard and it was wee and pooh all over the floor, had to bath them when i got home poor things. luckily they have homes tomorrow.
      i hope daisy does have a wonderful home, she deserves it after all shes been through bless her.
      thankyou for letting me know about the parcel as all i got last week on tracer was delivered from whatever postoffice it was...i will check. dont worry. xxxx
      the xmas parcel for all the cats i havent sent as yet but i will tell you when to expect it, if you are home at a certain day or time i can send special delivery.
    8. CaninoAnimalRescue
      Hi there, sorry I completely forgot am working till 1 on Saturday so would sometime after that be ok for you? x
    9. CaninoAnimalRescue
      Bless you that would be lovely, I am free all day on Saturday so whatever time is convenient for you, my number is 07706746964. Thank you again so so much x
    10. Britishshorthairbabies
      Can my son and me come around on saturday to drop for daisy mai? X
    11. Britishshorthairbabies
      I will let you know when, but I am going shopping this weekend. :-)
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    We are a small rescue and rehome sanctuary operating in and around Northamptonshire.
    Run from home environments only, no cages/pens, this helps all of our rescues to recover in a home environment, and also helps us to identify any particular issues or needs that might need addressing when they are rehomed

    Cats, cats and more cats!


    Canino Animal Rescue
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