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Jun 26, 2013
Jan 18, 2009
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Jun 26, 2013
    1. jussy
      Hello Trish,
      I have been reading through your first litter thread, gripping stuff lol.
      I was wondering if I could ask what you used to clamp the cords on the pups that snapped their cords. I have delivered a litter but my girl was text book and needed no help I was just with her for comfort and security. The reason I ask is the bitch I have now is due to whelp any day, she was pregnant when I rescued her, although we didn't know at the time. She has been badly treated and is terrified of everything, I am worried if she gets too stressed she will snap the cords in panic. I hope you don't mind me asking. Thanks Justine
    2. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Happy new Year :D x
    3. mia'smum
      So sorry that i have only just found your reply Trish! I am passing the link to your thread to one of my pups owners as they are thinking of breading. I'm trying to talk them out of it!! Our pups are 8months old now, i can't believe how the time has flown. One of our boys has just recovered from meningitis, it was touch and go for a while. My 3 have all been "done" so no more pups for us, just enjoying our dogs and a peaceful life! x
    4. KathrynH
      No worries, you deserved it. Hope you are ok x
    5. vizzy24
      Good luck today I hope your journey goes well
    6. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Shush :001_unsure: if they cant work it out we aint telling them :sneaky2: :lol: thanks for the rep :D we shall continue to milk the toe rags ;)
    7. archiebaby
      aw thats good news!!! i am fine thank you :-) my little grandson was 5 in december and we have a grandaughter due in may!!! all the four legged friends are fine also,i had 2 litters this year and the puppies were beautiful. all gone to their new homes now and one of the little girls did a fantastic photo shoot with tim flach the animal photographer, it was a great day! nice to see you back trish x
    8. archiebaby
      hiya, nice to see you back, i have been off for a little while myself :-) still have the occasional read through your thread of candys litter, that was some night lol
    9. foxyroxy1979
      Hi candysmum. I spoke to the surgery about the vet that breeds dalmations. His name is David Taylor and the address for the surgery is
      Your Vets
      12 Brook Road
      SS6 7UR
      Perhaps you could send him a letter there. I didn't feel right asking for personal details and I'm sure they wouldn't have given them to me anyway. Thanks for being so friendly on here. x
    10. Petitepuppet
      Love the signature lol so true x
    11. nikkinuts
      thanks for your message, have scanned before, my frenchie which said 2 and was correct and my pug which turned out she was not pregnant, always say i wont scan and will be patient but get too excited lol. especially as its her first litter want to make sure theres more then 1-2 to avoid c-section which happened with my frenchie as was told through scan they were exceptionally big which turned out untrue so an elective c-section could of been avoided. oh well you live and learn
    12. RAINYBOW
      Really ?? I know her sister used to be on another site but i thought her Mum stayed well clear after they lost Sammy.
    13. RAINYBOW
      Nah not bad just had enough of the "clientele" that were on here at the time and really missed Sammy so departed for a break, it's been better since i came back afresh :)
    14. RAINYBOW
      lol i think they were happy to delete mine at the time ;)
    15. RAINYBOW
      When i left i made Mark cancel my account and when i came back i started afresh. Rainybow was what Noush and DT have always called me so it seemed a logical re name and i didnt want anything too different as i didnt want it to look like i was pretending to be someone else ;)
    16. RAINYBOW
      Ello Lovely ;) tis me xx
    17. vizzy24
      Yeah of course I will send you a pm. Sound like you have had a crap week. Sounds similar to the week we had when I lost Wisshful. I had just started to be able to sleep properly when my boss phoned to make us all redundant. Anyway what doesnt kill you makes you stronger or at least teaches you to cope. I hope your son is ok and they sort the bullies out. They will get whats coming to them sooner or later
    18. vizzy24
      We had one go to glasgow! The lady was really lovely and she got the plane down at 5 weeks to pick her. She sent us a card too, especially with the facebook world it so easy to stay in contact

      oops did it again lol. I am having a conversation with myself again.
      omg i need my bed i just put that on my own thread
    19. vizzy24
      Thats right you are near salisbury if that right, it has been a while lol. It was tough when they went and i must admit i was quite emotional the week leading up to the first pups going. My friend had one pup and 1 also went locally and I have offered to have her when they go on holiday so I still get a fix lol. oops lol I just posted that on my own wall. That will teach me to have a bc and coke on a week night lol
    20. vizzy24
      I know how you feel I am the same with Rosie and I cant imagine life without a vizsla! I am sure when you add to your family it will be great. Dont worry about the rest just sit tight lol
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