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Apr 21, 2020
Jun 3, 2012
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October 30
La Laa Land
Care worker

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Greedy Mummy Bear!, from La Laa Land

Just digging around the new site Apr 22, 2015

CaliDog was last seen:
Apr 21, 2020
    1. CaliDog
      I tried to clear my wall and it was an epic fail :o
    2. Canine K9
      Canine K9
      Hi! Don`t mean to be nosey or ert, but was wondering how your getting on with your store The Dogz Den? :) x
    3. Gertrude
      Curry's are good :thumbup:

      yes, local band, actually its my cousins band, he is in a band called Wishbone Ash and they tour all over the europe, but at home he has his local band called The Cheeze.
      Its great fun as they throw in a bit of 'comedy' too.
    4. Gertrude
      Ahhh bless her xxx
      Not a lot of plans really, tho we are going to see a live band on Sat so that'll be good
      we'll go with friends and have a meal too Mmmm!
      What you up to?
    5. Gertrude
      Oh wow, that sounds good. I'll send Meg over, she'd love that
      [tho she wouldn't leave Cali alone]
    6. Gertrude
      We're very good ta - How about you? are you ok?? xx
    7. Tarnus
      haha thanks. I saw you'd like it and immediately thought "oh god, I was harassing her about it the other day!" :o I know everyone means well but they forget that the very notion of eating bones is very scary to a newbie! Hope Cali is enjoying her new diet, and don't forget to feed her those chicken wings ;) :p
    8. Tarnus
      How did it go??! Still got all your fingers? :p
    9. Dober
      Thanks! :)
    10. Tarnus
      Izzy has been on raw properly since the middle of November last year. Before that she had the occasional chicken meal so we knew she could cope with it but it was november when we got a freezer and a proper delivery of stuff! She still isn't brilliant with some stuff (she had a chunk of lamb breast the other week and regurgitated the whole thing 20 minutes later because she hadn't chewed it up enough first!) but she seems really happy on it!
      You do generally feed less and I think that's largely down to the fact that they can use a lot more of what goes in so you'll also notice a lot less waste coming out the other end! :D
    11. Tarnus
      Oh Izzy loves her mince, but then again she loves pretty much everything she gets nowadays! I would just weigh out the wings and give her enough according to how much you're feeding her. I think Izzy usually has 3 wings in a meal, but she'll weigh more than Cali so 2 is probably enough! You can always through in some veg mince to pad it out if necessary!
    12. Tarnus
      I would just give her a meal of wings each time you want to feed them for now - the more she has the more practise she gets crunching them up! Plus mince is no fun to feed, something she needs to work at is much more fun! :D

      Don't forget the photos!
    13. Tarnus
      Did Cali get her first chicken wings for brekkie this morning? How did she get on?
    14. Gertrude
      Our snow is melting ...but we're supposed to be having some more!

      Love the idea of the crisp packet, I'll definitely try that one..thanks xx

      She seems fine now but when she did it she was a little quiet, tho we didn't realise at first what she'd done.. we heard a 'bang' but didn't know 'where' she'd banged herself
      then she ran to sit with OH, and she slept for a while - it was a little later that we saw some blood, I put sudocrem on it, she's ok tho thanks xxx
    15. Gertrude
      We've had loads of snow, Meg loves it does Cali?
      We put a tennis ball in a sock for Meg, she has hours of fun with it.

      Loving your 'new & latest' thread, it came on the right day for Meg's first year :)
    16. Gertrude
      I'm good thanks, how about you [& Cali too of course]
      It's a year today since we got Meg, I just cant believe where that year has gone!
    17. Dogless
      Thanks for the rep. What an idiot! (not you!!) x.
    18. Hiafa123
      You guessed right. Merry Christmas xx
    19. Milliepoochie
      Thanks for the rep. Unbelieveable isnt it :-( It snot like the fact puppies go home on Xmas eve screams BYB Breeder is it :-( x x
    20. cheekyscrip
      ;) well done Sherlock Holmes...mods did not!!! :)..willcarry on then..and thanks for the rep...
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    October 30
    La Laa Land
    Care worker
    doggies, shopping, reading, dressmaking.


    Cali Dog
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