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Oct 3, 2015
Apr 16, 2012
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PetForums VIP, from Nottingham

button50 was last seen:
Oct 3, 2015
    1. missRV
      Just had a look, they do have some lovely ones :)
    2. missRV
      It must be hard to get macho but pretty collars ;)
    3. missRV
      That's fab news :) it'll be lovely and comfortable for him :)
    4. missRV
      Hey thanks for accepting :) I can now reply to your wall :D

      Thank you she had a lovely birthday :) how's gorgeous Bubba doing? Have you sorted his harness out? xx
    5. SammyJo
      Thank you for my rep :) xx
    6. tincan
      Thank you Button , very kind of you ,,,,, take care & see you around the forum ..... Shirl
    7. DoodlesRule
      Thank you for the rep :)

      Moggy is right, give general a try - not so much bile over there lol
    8. Dogless
      Thanks for the rep, very kind!
    9. MoggyBaby
      :lol: Thank you very much for the rep, you are very kind and it is much appreciated.

      BTW, a good way to get your posts up is to come and chat with the nice peeps in General. :)
    10. StuW
      Sierra is a Staffy :D
    11. missRV
      Ha ha :) got to love it :)
    12. jarvisjames
      Thanks for the like :) Love crossbreeds by the way they are cute as a button.
    13. newtodogs
      Thanks for that button50, I think all forums are like that aren't they.

      We just want to make sure we make the right decision for the dog as well as for us!

      Thanks again for the message
    14. andrea84
      aww poor bubba its so frustrating! alfie has took it all in his stride bless him and is great :) i dont think alfie will ever stop pulling ha ha its just his thing i think! you need to get some recent pics of bubba on here lol hes so cute :)
    15. andrea84
      aww thats good,yeah were fine thank you had a rough few wks as alfie was attacked by an off lead dog (but not to serious he got away with 1 puncture wound to his bk leg thank god) then i got ill so my mum bless her came over with her dog to help me with my kids and well on the day she was due to go home we took the dogs out for a walk and her dog molly pulled her over and we spent the rest of the night in a&e (broken wrist and badly bruised and swollen leg) now there is a chance that my mum will have to give molly up as she is far to strong for her ( we will take her on,we wont let her go to a dogs home) so its been all go to be hounest ha ha. Alfie is going in to be neutered in a wk or so bless him will see how he copes with that :/ and as for the pulling issue well lets just say he still has an issue lol x
    16. andrea84
      hiya thanks for the friend request,how are you and bubba getting on all well i hope speak soon take care x
    17. andrea84
      thank you ,hes my little bug lol x
    18. andrea84
      aww bubba is a babe bless him :) and looks totally different from my alfie lol :) check out my pics of alfie and you will see what mean x
    19. Frankthewonderhound
      Hi cheers yes he is ace, yours looks lovely too is he a pugalier?
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