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Feb 22, 2020 at 9:38 AM
Feb 18, 2009
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PetForums VIP, from Lancashire

Burrowzig was last seen:
Feb 22, 2020 at 9:38 AM
    1. Malmum
      Thank you x
    2. foxyrockmeister
      Hey! Congratulations - your pic of Kite won the photo comp this week :thumbup: Now you have to choose a theme for next week's comp :) Send me a PM once you've thought of one
    3. BlueBeagle
      Thanks for the rep :)
    4. Colliejack
      Hi I see you have a Berlingo tailgate dog guard for sale - just what I'm looking for! How much are you wanting for it please? Thanks.
    5. Izzysmummy
      Hi Burrowzig,
      I have still not managed to get started with our agility training but Izzy has been spayed now so Im hoping to do a beginners course somewhere. As you replied to my initial post in the agility section I was wondering if you knew anything about the High Lane agility group. They dont appear to be on agilitynet?

      Seems there are lots of waiting lists unfortunately but Ive been working on teaching Izzy directions as I thought it might be useful if we do manage to get a place somewhere!

      Thanks for your help! Hope you and your dogs are well! Have you got any competitions coming up?
    6. moonviolet
      Thanks for the rep. :)
    7. katiesonfire
      there is no need to be so rude, i have just joined and my computer is playing up, it did not display the dates and therefore i did not understand fully where she was up too.
    8. Powder Puff
      Powder Puff
      Hello Burrowzig I am also located in Lancashire and I am looking for a vet who uses Eurican which I read on one of your posts your vet uses. Please could you let me know the name and number of your vet who uses this vaccine since our puppy has had one shot of it and needs its second. thanks
    9. pearltheplank
      She is a tri colour of 14 and a half, not in the greatest of health now unfortunately. She has been manic all her life, ball and stick obssessed. Never needed my guinea pigs in a run though, she used to keep them all in check, the chickens too lol
    10. RobD-BCactive
      I know Ringwood, familiar name, between me and Bramcote park IIRC
      RSPCA event 22nd, if you need an excuse to have a doggie Sunday, think hawksport will be there, put thread up bout it.
    11. woody10
      Hi Burrowzig -

      You're right, as far as I know Woody is fully Welsh Collie (that's what they told me), I guess that's the same a sheepdog ? . I got him as a pup from a rescue home near Wales, he was bred for working but they only wanted one so the rest went for re-homing.

      He's a fantastic dog, very nice natured and full of energy. I was so lucky to get him

      Unfortunately, he can't do Agility for the next few weeks as he got a really bad cut to his paw and had to have stitches... I hope that won't set us back too much. We are practising "contacts".

      Do you do Agility?
    12. skyblue
    13. AmberNero
      Thank you for the rep on the dog cost thread, it's a sad fact isn't it :(
    14. k8t

      Well done on the 2nd Place!!!! I presume it was Newton Heath. I entered but didn't go. Well done again.

    15. WhiteKatLuva
      Hey im WhiteKatLuva ^^ ur dogs r beautiful
    16. alphadog
      Thank you very much for the book, it arrived this morning. I've had a quick glance through the different chapters and already I've raised my eyebrow more than once!
      I'm very grateful, thanks again.
    17. alphadog
      Hi Laura, I'm really sorry I haven't sent you an envelope yet, I haven't had chance to draw breathe and even buy stamps! Tomorrow I'm only walking 3 dogs so I should have the lion's share of the day to get organised. I'll understand if you've given up hope with me and sent the book to charity! Sorry again, Rachel
    18. alphadog
      That's really kind, thank you very much! I'll PM you because I am very interested - I always want to check out different trainers and behaviourists therories. Thanks for remembering that :-)
    19. alphadog
      Yes, in Leyland at an equestrian centre. I initially contacted Wyre club becuase they sounded very good, but there was a 2 year waiting list, so I went along to south ribble instead. It's a bit unorganised, but lots of equipment and helpers so it's good for now. I'm not sure how many compete - I've not really chatted to many of the more experienced handlers
    20. alphadog
      Near Chorley and we attend south ribble agility club, we're light years away from competition level yet!
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    Female, 63, single and likes it that way

    Agility, nature conservation, textile crafts, landscape and wildlife photography
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