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May 29, 2008
Nov 2, 2007
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May 29, 2008
    1. Chunk
      Hi I'm a new member on this site and have joined in the hope of getting a British bulldog pup I read your posts and you seem like a nice person and that you know what your talking about. I'd would really appreciate it if you have or know of anyone who has recently bred a litter of pups I'm looking for a dog pup not a bitch. Thanks again
    2. spudrocky1985
      hi got a 1 and half year old boy bulldog at the moment he is eating royal canin dog food is there a cheaper option
    3. Bully1000
      Hi, I would be grateful for some advise. We have a 7 month old British bulldog. He's great. The only thing is he's nipping a lot. Would be great full on any tips to stop this. He also pulls a lot while walking and is very very fussy when he sees other people. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks
    4. mitdeleon
      hello my name is timothy deleon
      i have a 1.6yr old female bulldog mated on dec 21 2013
      this is y second time trying to breed bulldogs
      1st time the puppiers came out bloated(walrus or water babies)and died after 2hrs
      this is my second time i need help tips on avoiding this problem again some vets and internet dog breeders says dont use high sodium (salt) dog food
      can u give me advice so avoid walrus bloated babies?
      can u recomend a low low salt sodium dry dog food
      thanks for your help
      thanks in advance
    5. CocoPoppy
      Hi Bullyb :)
    6. british bulldog lovers!
      british bulldog lovers!
      hello new to this, just joined the site and noticed that you are experienced and we would benefit from your feedback!!
      we have 2 british bulldogs male and female bred one before but didnt catch not sure if doing it right as alot of breeders have there own way of doing it and im not sure which is the right one to follow? we have done a lot of research but that explains different ways too! some people recommend artificial insemination others recommend natural/ bend over knee! is there a way i can find out when my bitch is ready to be bred as we purchased some fertility testing sticks to test her wee and we bred when it showed us she was ready however she didnt catch! can you help and tell me how you do it or give me some advice thanks!
    7. Captain.Charisma
      Do you know much about American Bullys or mainly British Bulldogs ? x
    8. gilly85
      hi i need ya help, i have a british bully bitch and she is in season at the mo i have had her since she was a pup and she is now 3 yr old. I am wanting to breed her just 1 tym but every time the stud is on her she snaps at him and am not sure why this is. i have read up a little on it and they say that they can mate naturally but it just doesn't seem to be happenin can you help many thanks gill
    9. james1
      dont be put off, most of the people replying to your thread were newbies - you probably wont hear a peep from them again just a few that like to test peoples patience with datf questions ;)
    10. T--jay
      hi hun how be you
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