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Apr 26, 2015
Feb 13, 2008
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Apr 26, 2015
    1. bully
      im soo sad to say that we had to make the awfull decision to have Mia put to sleep on 28/2/10,,she had been fitting allday,everytime she woke up,poor soul,,she has been epileptic for the past 3yrs nearly,the fits were getting worse,getting more & more frequent every other week & having more of them too,,was so so hard to watch her like this,so we all made the decision that we thought would be best for our Mia & believe me it was soo hard as u can imagine...i strongly think we made the right choice as she was on meds but the vet was just wanting to increase them all the time & she was ending up very doppy & lazy plus it wasnt helping the fits,,we tried everything believe me,blood tests,mri's showing nothing!! our Mia was only just coming for 4 this month so shed had a tough wee life,,but as i keep saying to myself & my kids she had a fantastic wee life with us really,,dont think anyone could have treated her any better& gave her so much love than US.....im sorry for going on but i feel better for getting that across,,apart from i personally cant stop crying,,she was a very big part in all our lives & she will be so dearly missed.............xxxR.I.P.MIAxxx
    2. bully
      hiya,after all the problems with mia,iv went and broke my leg eek,really sore.my poor dog doesnt no whats wrong..
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