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Nov 2, 2014
Jun 29, 2012
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PetForums Member, from northamptonshire . uk

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Nov 2, 2014
    1. pheebus
      It's fairly easy to use. :D Electronics are one of my only good areas lol. :lol: xx
    2. pheebus
      Hi, sorry, we just finished getting everything out of the house so I haven't been on in a few days. :) I don't know if you've found out yet but if you have or make a photobucket account (it's free) and upload your photo to there, you can just copy and paste the image code from under the image into your forum post. :) xx
    3. pheebus
      You're very welcome. :D xx
    4. pheebus
      Hi, I've put your banner up on my thread, let me know if you like it. :D xx
    5. pheebus
      When I make it I can use different pictures of Koda so the banner shows her as she grows? :) I should be able to make it next week anyways, thank you for unerstanding though. :o xx
    6. pheebus
      Hey, hope you're doing okay. :) I'm sorry I never got round to making your banher, the laptop still isn't fixed and I haven't really had time to use the Ps3, as we are moving in just over a week and been busy packing. :rolleyes: I should be able to use the Ps3 a few times until we move, then hopefully, when we're settled. :) Sorry for the long explanation and sorry I haven't been able to make it yet. :o xxx
    7. pheebus
      Good news, I should be able to make it today. :D xx
    8. pheebus
      Urrgh, my computers crashed, I'm trying to get it sorted though, and I'll make your banner when it's fixed. I Or I might be able to make it tomorrow if I can get access to another computer. I might be a bit slow replying as I have to use my Ps3 for now. Sorry. :( xx
    9. bugsalot
      yes that would be lovley flint is the black one sasha the springer and koda my puppy if you can do there names that would be brillant thanks
    10. pheebus
      Never mind I found your photo on my thread. :D Would you like me to do a banner just for your dogs? :) xx
    11. pheebus
      Ooh yay, exciting stuff! :D Let me know when you have a picture. :) xx
    12. pheebus
      I'll make it when you get your new puppies if you want. :) xx
    13. pheebus
      Thankyou. :o No problem. :D All of your pets are gorgeous. :001_wub: xx
    14. bugsalot
      that i am i have already got everthing ready for her . i have the treats sort for traing i fully plan to start day one on it . recall is the first i am planing on playing hide and seek to encourge the recall more . and to keep her active i am going to t make an agility course for her . lots and lots of games . i lost my old girl missy (bichion) i had had her for 15 years she was taken suddenly form me 3 and a half year ago it has taken till now to get where i feel more then ready for my puppy and can not wait she is going to be one spoiled beagle she will go everwhere with me
      . i am ready for my dog more then i thought i was . time is going so slow normally is passes to quick the past 6 weeks have felt more like a year . and i still have 10 days before i can go get her .
      how old is your beagle and do you have any other pets
    15. moonviolet
      Recall and housetraining were the first things we started training, always trying to make it a game, rewarding with something tasty. She is reliable off lead, i intersperse games and little bits of training in our walks and always have treats so she stays close as she doenst' knwo when the next bit of fun is going to happen :) I bet you are counting the minutes :)
    16. moonviolet
      Hi, thanks for all the lovely photo comments and the friend request. I can't wait to see your new addition, I think I'm almost as excited as you :)
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    i am a mum of 2 with a passion for animals . i have dogs cat hamster and horses

    animals ,art, sewing my buddies i make , reading about vampires warewolfs angles and aother things that go bump in the night



    RIP - my flinty boy sadly passed away on the 19th sept 2012 your will be forever missed .
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